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  1. American vs Pakistani
  2. National anthem by so called paki girls
  3. Anwar Massod Poet- Urdu- Mazahiya Poetry On Geo TV. Funny.
  4. Chinese girl sings pakistan national anthem (qaumi tarana)
  5. (Maan Ki Shaan) TASLEEM SABRI
  6. Jeet Hamara Mustaqbil ha
  7. How to Make CD Cover from A4 Paper ( Cool )
  8. Ek tha pakistani ...... hahaha
  9. Load Shading or Suhaag Raat
  10. Enjoy free Hidden movie in ur pc,watch it :P
  11. Talking parrot (Really Funny)
  12. Dr Shaista Wahidi kissing the Snake in Waqar Zaka program
  13. Positive attitude
  14. Trainee @ Multinational Company
  15. I am stupid
  16. 21st century Truths
  17. Engineering methods to suicide PART I
  18. Engineering methods to suicide PART II
  19. Sardar Jokes
  20. Deaf wife
  21. Unbelievable! Absolute friendship between a man and 38 lions
  22. Pak Police Remove KALMA from Ahmadi Mosque
  23. Cool Site
  24. LIFE BOOK 2009
  25. Top 7 reasons why I joined IT ...
  26. How to Save Electricity
  27. Paki boy sets a new record as the youngest MCTS
  28. Best Freestyler From Pakistan
  29. India Air Force VS Pakistan Air Force {The Truth} Funny
  30. baby survival swim
  31. Happy Defence Day to all Pakistanis
  32. Superman
  33. Six answers given by a girl when she is proposed
  34. Windows XP in Hindi/Urdu
  35. Meera Denied about her marriage
  36. Funniest Speech By Altaf Hussain
  37. Sons Of The Soil(Dharti k betey)
  38. Only in Hinduism - must watch
  39. Confidential fax
  40. Behind Every Man........
  41. AMAZING trick shot
  42. Bomb proof Police Station
  43. Japanese Fountains
  44. Funny Motor Cycle riding
  45. Don't Take That Much Care Of Your Girl Friend, Otherwise ...
  46. Stunt City
  47. Do you wana be an american
  48. Desi Spider man
  49. Female driver compilation
  50. PAF Female Pilot Ambreen Gul and Aviation Cadets - CNN
  51. A Mental Hospital
  52. Cricketers of the Future
  53. What an Attitude!!! Nice Story
  54. Funny Recruitment Process
  55. Bush On Visiting School
  57. Pakistani Robot Car
  58. Pakistani Micheal Jackson
  59. How to Hide your password from others
  60. New Recruitment
  61. Team India Out in ICC CHAMPION TROPHY 2009
  62. Lazy People
  63. Eye Surgery
  64. PCB refuses to bear Shoaib surgery expenses
  65. Younas Khan Interview Before Champ Trophy 2009, semi-final
  66. Meera’s suspected behavior was point of conflict: Attiq
  67. Israeli jets bomb Gaza targets
  68. Women after Marriage
  69. No Comments... Meera
  70. Ahmadinejads outrageous answer to CBS! (Must Watch)
  71. Two Horses... Story with a nice Moral
  72. An Indian!
  73. Altaf Hussain Warning to Wadeeras of Punjab
  74. Time waits for no one
  75. Afridi tipped for captaincy
  76. Salman Ahmed of junoon band abusing ISLAM
  77. Special Talent at the Old Folks' Home
  78. The Value of Time
  79. Miss Saudi Arabia 2008
  80. Pakistani Boy breaks 800 year old record:achieves 23 A Level
  82. Husband & Wife Jokes...
  83. Mother Hen ..
  84. Peshawar blast: death toll rises to 93
  85. Comedy Explanation of Karry Luger Bill
  86. Architectural wonders of the Muslim World
  87. Killing English
  88. Tahir-ul-Qadri sahib ko Sajday
  89. Jamia ki larkian (KU girls)
  90. Meera's English at its best
  91. Shehbaz Sharif Cracking Sardar Jokes
  92. Women I.Q. in driving!
  93. Maoist Rebels In India
  95. Funny banned commercial - Pepsi vs coca cola
  96. Facts on why muslims are suffering!!!!
  97. Funny Shujat Hussain
  98. Urdu documentary made on the topic of 2012 (Must Watch)
  99. Insane Chair Balancing ( Must Watch Its Amazing)
  100. What Guys can do to Get a Girl?
  101. Thackeray slams Sachin over 'Mumbai for all' remarks
  102. Laugh a little
  103. JF 17 thunder production started in Pakistan
  104. Mastermind of WFP, IIU suicide blasts presented before media
  105. President Obama & Indian PM Man Mohan Singh
  106. Final Solution
  107. Illegal & Illogical
  108. This one is for the Trance lovers!
  109. I have upgraded girlfriend to wife
  110. Lahore: 49 people killed, 135 injured in Moon Market blast
  111. Kutta, Sher Aur Bandar, Nice Story
  112. Facebook has reacted against Pakistan in a cheap way
  114. Zinda Hai Bibi Zinda Hai
  115. Meera Jee Ghir Parein
  116. Zaid Hamid Explaining What is Romance
  117. HP computers are racist 'can't see' black faces
  118. Old Karachi vs New Karachi.
  119. Attack on ICE CREAM at a wedding in Lahore
  120. Jihad ‘not terrorism’ (CNN Report)
  121. Meera Special on Bunkay Mian Ki Qawali
  122. Kids at Taliban center? (CNN Report)
  123. CIA bomber was double-agent (CNN Report)
  124. MQM Mustafa Kamal analysing and reacting to the Dunya TV Inv
  125. Point blank with lucman SHO Police sleeping (Must Watch)
  126. power paisa politics n pyar
  127. Tum Kahin se Aa jao (Nice Poetry)
  128. Google images show devastation after the earthquake in Haiti
  129. Death toll may reach 500,000: Haitian minister
  130. A water skiing squirrel makes a splash at a sports show
  131. This is GULF
  132. CrossTalk on terrorism: Al-Qaeda Inc. special program by RT
  133. CUSTOMER CARE IN 2020
  134. Blackwater back in action Janua
  135. The Chinese Car is coming soon!
  136. 3 Idiots Released now in Pakistan‏
  137. More Evidence The Pentagon Is Fighting A Religious Crusade
  138. JungaLo Ka Bi Koyi Dastoor Hota Hai
  139. former Pakistan Air Force chief was all over India
  140. American Prisoners Enjoying in pakistan sargodha
  141. Muslim students monitored in UK
  142. 30 Second Speech By Bryan Dyson (ceo Of Coca Cola)
  143. Pakistan Missile Technology Amazing
  144. Beware: Illegal Mineral water preparation - Express news
  145. Pakistan’s first female fighters batch
  146. Facts About Pakistan
  147. Bankay Mian is Praying to Allah
  148. Why You Should Not Marry?
  149. Confession of Umm-e-Hassan
  150. This Could Only be in pakistan
  151. Sharmila Farooqui adviser CM Sindh talking about bollywood
  152. Nokia CNG Phone
  153. Why does MariaB support Zaid Hamid
  154. Ab Nahi Mumbai Hamlaa (Zee News)
  155. Pakistani politicians interview on valentines day
  156. Valentine day Special 51% – Tips for successfull marriage
  157. Mudjahideen say they will continue to fight
  158. Why Shah Rukh expresses love for Pak, asks Thackeray
  159. A tribute to Pakistan Army
  160. Be Careful before buying Anything (Must Watch)
  161. Lady Tv Anchors Before Program Transmission
  162. Asif Ali Zardari Introducing Bilawal Bhutto Zardari
  163. Hurry To School
  164. Shoe thrown at Turkish PM Erdogan
  165. Gaza Avatar
  166. New Way To Sit
  167. Mubashir Luqman Replying To Fouzia Wahab In His Usual Way
  168. Chile Earthquake – CCTV footage released
  169. Taliban vs Tamil Tigers Maheen Usmani report
  170. Zaid Hamid: Pakistan Ka Matlab
  171. Miracle of ALLAH – A Sea Barrier
  172. Shera Jutt - Pakistan's First Arcade Game
  173. Young boys tortured by pakistani police
  174. Pakistan 'takes over' Taliban base in Bajaur
  175. Watch it ( this video looking for some caption )
  176. salman ahmed of jannon band thoughts about QURAN
  177. Pakistan’s female scuba diver (CNN)
  178. Azizi's Funny Album..
  179. A new way to defeat Tehreek-e-Taliban
  180. Welcome to Pakistan The one you dont see in evening news
  181. Yeh Hum Nahi - We Are Not This
  182. Al-Qaeda most wanted Abu Yahiye apprehended in Karachi
  183. Beautiful Lesson : Should be Encouraged WELL DONE
  184. Pure english competition – A must watch
  185. Zaheer Khan response to his fans
  186. ALLAH Top Priority of Intellectual Curiosity – Must Watch
  187. Meri Serhad Pa Perha Hai Eiman Ka
  188. Impact of Star Plus on our Children & Generation
  189. Tribute to muhammad Ali on his 4th death Anniversary
  190. Not Often You See This.... Plane Crash......
  191. Zardari, Obama & Karzai Dancing
  192. Pakistani Genius : SASTI BIJLI (CHEAP ELECTRICITY)
  193. A tribute to all muslim women
  195. Brave Pakistani Couple
  196. Mission Impossible !!! nothing is impossible, :)
  197. USA is fighting Hard in Afghanistan...
  198. Be Attentive ..
  200. Load Shading ( Punjabi Dubbed)
  201. PAKISTAN has got 6th largest gold deposit in the world
  202. TAKMEEL-E-PAKISTAN by ZAID HAMID Not get good response
  203. Pakistani Police using hi fi -- Security Instrument
  204. Reasons to Love Pakistan
  205. Save Environment Save Your Future
  206. Sania Mirza Press Conference at hyderbad deccan
  207. Security At its Best.........
  208. I am muslim .... and i am not a terrorist
  209. Wisdom Unleashed
  210. Pakistan has got Talent
  211. Children see ..... Children do
  212. The Board Exams ...... Rubber bands
  213. Shoaib Malik says he is already married
  214. Astrologist report Sania Mirza marriage
  215. Shoaib Sania Sialkot Package
  216. Who is terrorist ? Muslims or MEDIA ? western Media Exposed
  217. The Aazan of Kaaba from the churches of Switzerland
  218. Amazing Stunt
  219. Pathan in gym
  220. Quaid - e - Shoaib Malik
  221. Indian Armed Forces personal vs. naxals
  222. Why Education is necessary for every child??????
  223. Peky Ja Ni Begum (Punjabi poetry)
  224. Memories of Lahore
  225. Hillarious Poetry
  226. Impossible
  227. Geo Cartoon-April Fool GEO NEWS
  228. THE LEGEND - Mohammad Bin Qasim
  229. Pakistani Crickets English At Its Best
  230. Live Footage Iceland Volcano 2010 April
  231. Difference of Joy between Men & Women
  232. LOVE STORY (2010) - Shoaib & Sania
  233. How to train your infant twins?
  234. Lovely Baby
  235. What will future be like without Fuel?
  236. New Petrolling Unit in Karachi
  237. Born To Thrill
  238. Spain performs full face transplant
  239. Mimic Musharraf
  240. made in pakistan weapons
  241. Pakistan Tests two Ballistic missiles
  242. Its Really Amazing Video ........
  243. Corruption leads to critical water shortage in Mumbai
  244. Maoists attack a bus carrying trained Police men
  245. Newborn babies learn in their sleep
  246. Plane crashes on landing in south India; 160 dead
  247. Lahore: 8 killed in two different incidents
  248. Geo Cartoon Refuge in Refuse - GEO NEWS
  249. Hunza sheshkut situation
  250. Cyclone Phet to hit Karachi on Friday