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  1. Into the debris

    Shyema Sajjad
    Dawn News

    When I decided to write this, I had told myself that I will try and refrain from being repetitive and not comment similarly as I had done so in 2010. However, after seeing the coverage on the tragedy last night, I realised that when this country has repeated making all the same mistakes, why can’t I repeat my statements. And so I shall. ...
  2. Is Imran Khan the leader Pakistan needs?

    Ethan Casey
    Dawn News

    I’m not Pakistani, and for me to make pronouncements or pass judgment on Pakistani domestic politics would be presumptuous. But several Pakistani friends have asked me to write about Imran Khan. I do so now, albeit hesitantly, because what he represents is an important subject at this pregnant historical moment.
    I’ll start by highlighting points made recently
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