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  1. johnleon5000's Avatar
    PPP, PML(N), JUIF, ANP etc all are eater having no Mercy for this country.
  2.'s Avatar
    pakistani most pawor full political i like it good anser for indain.
  3. mahmood321's Avatar
    Because he is the most corrupt person of this world
  4. shayan007's Avatar
    yr in gunjoooon ko kbi 5saal puray b de diya krooooo to work in the pakistan
    they need to prove their self
  5. mubasshar's Avatar
    this is called aina dekhana
  6. mubasshar's Avatar
    nice article
  7. lovable larkie's Avatar
  8. Realpaki's Avatar
    we can do pretest for some time only is it for NATO Supply , facebook or twitter
  9. mubasshar's Avatar
    my point is only if there is some thing going bad we should protest on it and by blocking the site for some time we registered our protest. and its a good move in my point of view.
  10. ali's Avatar
    tried every one lets try him once also.