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  1. Who Will Take Responsibility Of Our Children?

    [COLOR=#303030 !important]Another girl was raped and kill in Karachi, while Punjab Police is still trying to solve the case of 5 year old baby who was brutally raped by a gang. Looks like series of rape cases is happening in Pakistan. While the media was constantly discussing the news of a 5year old girl, a mentally challenged woman was raped in Badin and that case went unnoticed. ...
  2. Child Rape in Lahore: We Demand Justice

    A blurred image of a young child is printed across the screen. Newspaper reports describe how the child is traumatised often closing and opening her eyes; unable to speak.

    Her torturous experience? She was raped brutally at the gentle age of five by unidentified men.

    The young girl’s story is one of only a few that comes to the surface. Most rape incidents go undiscovered ...