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  1. Imran Khan Aur Malala

  2. Imran Khan Aur Siyasi Boney

  3. Imran Khan is the target of your Goebbels’ vendetta!

    Apropos to the excessively grandiloquent, wastefully voluble and patently frivolous attempt The Express Tribune has been part of subjecting Imran khan as prime target of its Goebbels’ vendetta.

    Now, what shall I say about The Express Tribune? The blog has started to give me an impression as if its raison d’etre is to have a unifocal soliloquy on publishing literally anything against Imran Khan ...
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  4. The Forgotten Heroes of Pakistan Cricket

    Let us switch back to our favorite sport, we all so very much love and adore –yes what else it can be other than cricket! There was once a common trend among teams, that they maintained faith and trust in their retired players on the basis of their significant and voluminous effort for their country, something that is fast dying out. I would not go into further details of discussion

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  5. Is Imran Khan the leader Pakistan needs?

    Ethan Casey
    Dawn News

    I’m not Pakistani, and for me to make pronouncements or pass judgment on Pakistani domestic politics would be presumptuous. But several Pakistani friends have asked me to write about Imran Khan. I do so now, albeit hesitantly, because what he represents is an important subject at this pregnant historical moment.
    I’ll start by highlighting points made recently