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  1. The cost of presidentís outing

    BAHAWALPUR: Contrary to the claims about austerity and financial prudence, the government once again stands exposed after revelation about Ďroyal tripí of President Mamnoon Hussain here on Oct 23-24.

    Aviation sources said that two special flights (one of which was a C-130 aircraft) came here from Islamabad on Oct 23 to ensure a safe visit of the president and his family.

    The C-130 ...
  2. Power rates can be cut right now

    A few days ago, it was Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who said that the rates of electricity would be brought down after three years. A day later it was President Mamnoon Hussein\'s turn to repeat the same claim. Now everyone in PML-N government will be ready to sing the same theme song.

    All these claims are made to justify the raise in electricity tariff and give hope to the masses that better days are ahead..
    The fact, however, is that a massive cut, almost fifty percent, in ...
  3. Tabdeeli Aa Chuki Hai

  4. Tu Adlia Ko Sambhal, Mein Imran Ko