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  1. Abhi To Sirf 65 Baras Howay Hain

  2. Parliament Badniyat Nikli?

  3. Sheetan Key chelay

  4. Looking back at the future

    Shaan Agha
    Dawn Blog

    Great sports teams are like fast rally drivers, they seldom look in their rear view mirror; the sole focus is on what lies ahead. Cricket Australia (CA) sets the benchmark of being ruthlessly progressive. They back their players well but once they decide they have to move forward and drop a player specially and ageing one, it almost certainly ends a career.

  5. Indian ‘nationalism’: Why Kashmir won’t move on

    Jehangir Ali
    Express Tribune

    Manu Joseph, a senior Delhi based journalist and the editor ofOpen magazine recently asked why it was obscene to accept that a historically wounded group of people is ready to move on. He was, of course, referring to the people in Kashmir, where a war has left 70,000 people dead and 8,000 victims of enforced disappearances
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