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  1. مصباح الحق کو 6 وجوہات کی بنا پر مورد الزام نہ

    اگر پاکستان کی ون ڈے اور ٹیسٹ کرکٹ ٹیم کے کپتان مصباح قومی ٹیم کے جنوبی ...
  2. ICC has to do away with pariahs

    South Africa won the second Test against Pakistan, whatever way they can, to keep their seven-year unbeaten record in away-home series intact. Yes, in the record-books South Africans will go home unbeaten but their achievement has been eclipsed with stigma of being cheats. Though they say their act was un-intentionalóa public oratory that made many laugh. The ball-tempering by their T-20 captain by Faf du Plessis has rendered the champions blemished. Their clean image is gone once for all. Plesses ...
  3. Looking back at the future

    Shaan Agha
    Dawn Blog

    Great sports teams are like fast rally drivers, they seldom look in their rear view mirror; the sole focus is on what lies ahead. Cricket Australia (CA) sets the benchmark of being ruthlessly progressive. They back their players well but once they decide they have to move forward and drop a player specially and ageing one, it almost certainly ends a career.

  4. 5 Ways to Bring Back Cricket

    Ashar Zaidi
    The News

    [COLOR=#303030 !important]After weeks of wavering mode swings and safety concerns, we were happy to know that our good neighbors had finally agreed to give life to our morgue-like grounds. But while jubilant Pakistani fans were busy stitching national flags, painting new banners and rehearsing patriotic slogans, the Bangladesh Supreme court heard to its national ...