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  1. ‘Have some paan, Bhai jaan’

    Daniyal Khan
    Express Tribune

    Bhai jaan! Yahaan sub milta hai: meetha paan, tambaaku wala paan, khushboo wala paan aur aap kay liye khaas, special paan.(Brother, you will find everything here; sweet paan, tobacco paan, scented paan, and just for you, a very special paan.)
    Aslam, a 15-year-old boy, dressed in filthy clothes and oiled hair, which
  2. In our PM’s words: And why don’t they leave then?

    A video showing the true colours of the Pakistani leadership is being passed around on the web. This time it’s our Prime Minister, Yousaf Raza Gilani, who has shown the world why Pakistan is in such a sorry state.

    For the initial five minutes of this video, our prime minister makes the usual excuses that have become the trademark of the Pakistan government. In the last 15 seconds, interviewer
  3. Pakistani-Canadians: Falling below the poverty line

    Murtaza Haider
    Dawn Blog

    Pakistan-born immigrants are the new face of poverty in urban Canada. The Canadian census revealed that 44 per cent of Pakistan-born immigrants fell below the poverty line making them the second most poverty prone group of immigrants in Canada.

    While they may project an aura of opulence during their visits back home, their life ...
  4. #Inaam Ghar invites you...

    Quote Originally Posted by Fawad Afzal View Post
    #InaamGhar invites you...!!
    منفرد خصوصیات رکھنے والے پالتو جانوروں اور پرندوں کے مالکان اس ای میل پر رابطہ کریں

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  5. Muhammad Shoaib won 1st Pakistan Idol 2014

    Muhammad Shoaib (1st Pakistan Idol) -Copyright Reserved by Humari News
    Karachi- Reuters, Muhammad Shoaib from Peshawar won the inaugural Pakistan Idol and became first Pakistan Idol 2014.Grand Finale was took place at Royal Club Karachi, ...
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