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Tariq Hussain

Tourism Vs Terrorism: Isolation of the country’s economy

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By Tariq Hussain
Tourism Vs Terrorism: Isolation of the country’s economy

The mishap of killing 10 foreign tourists and mountaineers in Nanga Parbat, in the heart of Gilgit-Baltishtan is atrocious and a severe blow to destroying the stability of the area’s economy besides afflicting innumerable pains and loses to both the Pakistan and tourists’ family.

Nobody could imagine that the tourists will be targeted and killed in the northern areas of the country whose people have been thought to be the most peace-loving and human sympathetic. So the questions arise who has done that inhuman acts over the innocent mountaineers while enjoying the natural beauty? There must be some conspiracy in order to destabilise the country, to leave the country in isolation in tourisms, games besides spreading bad identity of the country to the rest of the world.

This is the second attack in the chain of portraying horrible picture of the people of Pakistan, after the attack on the Sri-Lankan cricket team which isolated the country in the game and sport activities. Once the bad image of the country is shown to the world then no individual will like to turn towards Pakistan because of the bad impression that has been imprinted on the people’s mind.

The Tourism department of Pakistan was already on the verge to decline due to the worst law and order situation across the country but this horrible and atrocious acts will further destroy our identity that will led to the zero flow of tourists into these areas.

Throughout the world, no tourist will like to have a visit to an area where they
will be targeted without any reason as it is happening in Pakistan because of the deteriorated law and order situation of the country that is both tarnishing the image of our country and the foreigners are scared of coming into the best scenic and tourist’s places of the Asia.

Recently, the sports sector of the country was targeted in order to destroy the sports activities from the country and leave the country alone and in separation in the games and healthy activities. For instance, the attack on the Australian cricket team and scared many cricketers to come here besides it was echoing everywhere that Pakistan was not a suitable place for the foreigners to come and play game. Now the tourism sector has come under the grip of the terrorist so that the country could be isolated from the rest of the world.

Our country is already on a hit list where the tourists donot like to come but this tragic incident will further worsen the situation. The government need to investigate into the matter properly and exemplary punishment be awarded to those involved in tarnishing the image of the country and playing with the innocent live of the tourists.

The tourist wants to enjoy their life in a place and country where they will have the natural beauty, peace and tranquillity. But, if they are attacked constantly in a place so will they turn toward such a scary and freighted area which are detrimental to their life and peace of mind?

Our country has unlimited natural resources, tourists places, man power and all those things which are require for a country to reach to the climax of development but corrupt and incompetent people are placing hurdles in its way.

Today, our youth complains of un-employments which is unfortunately due to our own incompetency and mis-management. A huge number of jobs could be created once the tourism department of the country is boosted. That can be achieved through developing a peaceful and cordial atmosphere across the country.

Killing of any human being is just like the killing of the humanity, Al Quran. Therefore, how these people who kill other could be termed as Muslim because they are not allowed to do any inhuman acts in their religion but anyone who does something against the humanity instead of respecting the humans beings is betrayed and will be answerable to God Almighty.

It is the need of the hour that our government could wake up in order to take some pragmatic measures to revive the image and identity of the country besides ensuring the safety and security of every person living in Pakistan.

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