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Jhon Malik


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[QUOTE=Jhon Malik;86441][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Open Sans]LG Electronics (LG) will be introducing a line of premium cases for its upcoming flagship device, LG G2, to be available at the same time as the smartphone. The aesthetically beautiful case, QuickWindowTM, is the newest addtion to LG’s growing premium smartphone accessory lineup, which includes cases, headsets and portable chargers. An opening or “window” on the cover of QuickWindowTM allows users to glance at various information displays without having to open the cover flap. With only a light swipe of a finger, the QuickWindowTM UX will appear in the window which users can view while on-the-go. Information that can be viewed through the QuickWindowTM cover include a clock, weather report, alarm, music player, incoming phone call details and incoming text messages.[/FONT][/COLOR];);)


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    ahan seems Great