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Who Will Take Responsibility Of Our Children?

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[COLOR=#303030 !important]Another girl was raped and kill in Karachi, while Punjab Police is still trying to solve the case of 5 year old baby who was brutally raped by a gang. Looks like series of rape cases is happening in Pakistan. While the media was constantly discussing the news of a 5year old girl, a mentally challenged woman was raped in Badin and that case went unnoticed. At the same time when media was busy giving out the details of a 12 year old girl whose body was found from the sea-view area, a news from Gujranwala came out that Police has found two bodies of 14 and 16 year old girls who were wearing school uniforms, have been shot to death. The uniformities of the cases till now are that all three girls were wearing school uniforms, which means they were killed during school hours.

In current situation in Pakistan where criminals are freely roaming in the society, we see collective failure of all which include parents and teachers, legislators, judicial system, law enforcement agencies and religious groups as well. In an era; where children are ahead of their parents in technology, education and culture; parents need to be more cautious about what their children’s activities and psychological changes are and how are they handling those things. In a global culture; where cell phones have become a necessity for the children; parents should set some rules for them, like I set some rules for my 12 year old before getting her cell phone, the rules are submission of cell phone at night, passwords and contact lists should be shared with parents and if I see any new contact I will need the detail about the person.

The rules should be imposed from very beginning when they are getting the gadget. Their social media activities should be monitored completely and teachers should also play their roles through awareness classes where harms of all the unnecessary relationships and activities should be discussed. The schools should have strict policies that once children are in the school premises, they will not be allowed to go out unless one of their parent pick them up. Parents should take some time out from their socializing activities and give extra time by doing pick up and drop duties for their children and go through their books and note books and ask about their daily activities. In some cases we have seen blood relatives involved in rape cases which means trust level should be very limited when it comes to the safety and security of the young children.

Female legislators of all parties should work more effectively in Parliament. Submitting and passing resolutions are not enough, a collective effort is needed and these women; who are brought in the parliament on reserve seats by all parties and getting paid by taxpayers’ money; should show some unity on women and children cases. Their joint effort of getting laws implemented, visit schools of their areas and start awareness programs can make some difference. In such complicated situation appearing in talk shows and tweeting a one-line statement won’t help much.

Above rules can be practiced mostly in urban areas but what to do in those rural areas where they have “Jirga and Panchayat” systems running parallel to the judiciary and imposing punishments like rape, gang-rape and honor killing on women. Most of those areas are ruled by feudal-lords or landlords and most of them are effectively participating in the political system. Therefore, the responsibility of such areas goes on the feudal-lords and landlords and if they are involved with the help of local police which happens in most of the cases then Judiciary should take notice of such people and “Panchayat/Jirga”.

]But unfortunately, we haven’t seen any progress ever in such cases and sadly many times our Police was also involved. In Karachi in 2009, a 3year old was kidnapped and raped by two Police constables, what happened to that case? In 2010, two young women who were kidnapped and raped by a gang but women were forced to take the case back and leave the city, reason unknown and Police didn’t play the role effectively. In the same year, a young girl was pulled out of her car and was gang raped for which governor Sind ordered CPLC for independent investigation but what happened to the criminals? These are few cases of Karachi which were highlighted by the media and social media but no one knows what goes on in rural areas with the women and children on the name of Jirga, Panchayat and honor killings.

This shows the collective failure of the society which includes parents, teachers and all three branches of the state.

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