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#BanGeo, Conspiracy against Geo?

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For the past few years media in our country has served constructive purposes. Be it Shahzeb or Sarfraz shah’s murder case. Media proved its power of bringing the citizens on united platform against injustice. Media is the most effective tool for shaping perceptions and making public opinions. But it becomes uncertain if the same media starts playing on their own nefarious agendas instead of promoting peace and stability and portraying the positive image of our country.

GEO TV Network which is considered to be Pakistan’s biggest media group with highest viewership is facing serious allegations these days. What makes it more serious is the fact that it’s changing perceptions against its very own country. More to the point, involvement of India, which is traditionally thought to be inclined to propagate against Pakistan.

In 2009, Government shut down Geo transmission all over the country and that was the time entire nation showed massive solidity stands for the channel but now the time has changed. People’s aversion to geo is prevailing and a perception has built that Geo News is working on the agenda to destabilize Pakistan. The emerging trend #banGeo on twitter is testimony of this fact.

Most of us wonder when geo shows news on people being killed in Kashmir by Indian army. I also wondered seeing Geo becoming highly patriotic and repeatedly airing Jemima Khan’s documentary on drone. Some of the popular reason for this perception and common accusations against the Group are

1. They Show Indian content repeatedly.
2. Any positive achievement of Pakistan is not highlighted properly
3. Cases that shows negative image of Pakistan are deeply emphasized.
4. Affiliation with certain political groups thus giving biased news.
5. The channel is tax evader.
So far we have seen common people talking about Geo Groups’ credibility that has been declined drastically but now an impactful journalist Mubashar Lucman has raised this issue. His program on ARY News Khara Sach has become the talk of the town.

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