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Fawad Afzal

#InaamGhar: Happenings of 5th Episode, 1st Feb 2014, Saturday

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#InaamGhar: Happenings of 5th Episode, 1st Feb 2014, Saturday

Beginning with the beautiful chorus of the Kalaam ‘Kun Faya Kun’ in Sherry’s voice, the program hit a home run! Dr @AamirLiaquat Husain, in the first segment #JhattSawalPattJawab distributed valuable prizes to everyone who answered questions correctly. Clothes, mobile phones and motorbikes were given away just on receiving a correct answer from the audience. The audience on the set of Inaam Ghar thoroughly enjoys every bit of the program. The people love the originality of Inaam Ghar and its generosity of awarding worthy things to everyone. From telling tongue twisters to poetry – audience won and relished the segment whole heartedly.

The kitchen of Inaam Ghar is always tempting to the people who love food! The kitchen segment ‘Chatt Pat Chata Chat Safa Chat Fata Fat’ as always, had a competition between two teams of cooking. This time the teams had to cook honey wings. Both teams won 3 months of oil supply and a dinner set. Apart from the regular kitchen segment, individual men from the audience were asked to make a perfect round Roti with a rolling pin. The activities and the kitchen segment, all together brought fits of laughter to the viewers. Inaam Ghar also had a newlywed couple on its set. The couple was given a long list of prizes as best wishes, along with return tickets from Dubai.

Kids of Chullbuley won the hearts of the audience with their singing and participation. Inaam Ghar also celebrated the birthday of one of the baby girl named Abiha with a toothsome cake and a beautiful birthday song by Sherry. To add to the amusement of people, a person brought his pet hamsters to the program. He eagerly educated the audience and the viewers about hamsters. The owner of the pets was given a gift hamper and a cash price of Rs. 5000 for breeding 35 hamsters and bringing an exclusive pet to Inaam Ghar. The most happening segment, Lagao Tukka stirred the audience with enjoyment and laughter!

‘Khel kar jeeto’ the segment of fun games, had a winner couple in the game ‘shower box’. Games like snake ladder and balloon shooting were delightfully played and enjoyed by the players as well as the viewers. A woman challenged all men to compete her in shooting balloons and to the surprise of many, she stood by her words and did an amazing job playing the game. Heading over next to the Pakistan Ideal segment, a 9 year old girl, Esha brought endless applauses and gasps in Inaam Ghar by performing gymnastics beautifully. Her flexibility and the spark of doing gymnastics made her win the trophy of Pakistan Ideal. Truly, Pakistan has some gems and Pakistan Ideal is the segment to award those gems. Promoting welfare and education, Inaam Ghar awarded BBA, MBA and Diploma Scholarships from KASBIT University to deserving students.

The segment ‘Car War Leja Mere Yar’ was filled with skilled answers of questions related to religion and general knowledge. One of the teams actually managed to win a car! The informative segment of #CarWarLejaMereYar is watched interestingly by people as it serves as a wide source of information. Viewers are always hooked to screen as they watch teams play for a car. #InaamGhar gives an opportunity to everyone in this segment to win a car by answering questions correctly. Surely, winning a car cannot be easier. The program was brought to an end by Dr @AamirLiaquat with the #Mufta segment. People won mobiles, dresses, bikes, home appliances and whatnot! Inaam Ghar indeed serves as a Pandora box of happiness for everyone.<wbr>notes/inaam-ghar/inaamghar-<wbr>happenings-of-5th-episode-1st-<wbr>feb-2014-saturday/<wbr>589014117846729


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