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Fawad Afzal

Happenings of InaamGhar EP#7 - 8th Feb 2014 Thursday

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Happenings of #InaamGhar EP#7 - 8th Feb 2014 Thursday

The 7th episode of Inaam Ghar began with the pleasent voice of Sherry. He recited the beautiful Kalaam 'tere ishq nachaya karke thayya thayya' which the audience enjoyed with responsive applauses. The first segment 'Jhatt Sawal Patt Jawab' started with jocose. Indiviuals from the audience won bikes, mobile phones, iron, clothes etc. the audience and the viewers enjoyed every bit of the segment. Most of the winners in this segment were newly wed couples. Dr Aamir Liaquat asked funny questions and riddles in the segment, which were responded with the most laughable answers.

Inaam Ghar's kitchen segment 'Chatt Patt Chata Chat Safa Chat Fatafat' scented with the aroma of Chicken Handi as the two teams started cooking. Meanwhile, two boys were given the challange to eat a cake in a minute with their mouth. the audience cheered both boys as the compitition started. The cheers from the audience made it clear that everyone relished watching the challange. Both teams who cooked Chicken Handi were given appreciation by the host as they both cooked extremely well; they won a dinner set.

The kids in the segment 'Chullbulley' noisly greeted Dr Aamir Liaquat. Some of the little ones chanted poems while others made the audience adore their innocence. Dr Aamir Liaquat's daughter, Dua Aamir also participated in the segment by telling a riddle. A girl's birthday was also celebrated in this segment. Kainat, the birthday girl cut the cake while Sherry sang a special birthday song with great excitement. The kids were delighted to recieve gifts at the end of the segment. The honesty and originality of kids is what lightens Inaam Ghar and make the viewers watch the program keenly.

With great enthusiasm, the segment 'Lagao Tukka' gave the auidence fits of laughter! The most funny part was when people were asked to say a tongue twister rapidly. The audience altered the tongue twister, quenched it and squeezed it - people laughed out loud as different people kept trying to get the twister right. People enjoyed guessing different questions. Callers also participated in the segment with great fervency.

A woman, Sameera Faheem with very long hair made a special appearence in the program with her huaband. Her hair are about 7 ft long. Sameera's beautiful hair cascaded past her toes and made the audience gasp. She was given rs. 5000 and an expensive ring for her speciality.

The segment 'Khel Kar Jeeto' was full of exicting games like basket ball, seesaw, arm wrestling, etc. indiviuals enjoyed playing various games and won prizes. Motorbike, clothes, cash prizes and much more was given out generously on winning a game. The viewers and the audience both felt gratifying excitement watching this segment. Newly wed couples were given the task to act on different situations. The acting was hilarious and didn't fail to entertain the audience. Newly weds received worthy prizes!

The trophy of 'Pakistan Ideal' was given to Noman, a 9 year old boy suffering from Polio. Despite of the fact that he can't work with his hands - he uses his feet to do his work. He wrote with his feet live at Inaam Ghar. Truly, the boy is a gem and deserves recognition which Inaam Ghar gave him.

The segment 'Car War Leja Mere Yar' was played by three teams. The teams played to win a car. Dr Aamir Liaquat asked general and religious questions from the teams. The viewers gained knowledge through this segment and everyone cheered the teams. There were no winners in this segment. Hilarious segment 'Zor laga ke bhaiya' demanded the participants to hold a push up! The audience laughed watching people holding their position. The segment had two winners who won various prizes!

Mufta- gifts for everyone brought smiles to people instantly! Audience won worthy prices, including tickets to dubai, home appliances, gadgets, clothes, jewellry and much more. This episode was thorougly enjoyed by everyone! People love watching Inaam Ghar, don't you?

Good news for all the viewers of Inaam Ghar. Now you can stream the transmission live at the official website of Inaam Ghar:
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