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Fawad Afzal

Inaam Ghar breaking the records!

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Inaam Ghar breaking the records!

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On one hand Inaam Ghar is creating ripples of success on the rating radars and on other hand it is breaking world records as well. In the recent episode Mohammed Rashid has set a record of breaking 84 coconuts in one minute on his head. The talent was discovered by none other than the kind hearted host with generous personality Dr Amir Liaquat Hussain in the segment Pakistan Ideal.Mohammed Rashid has proved to be a real star and a true ideal for the youth when he fearlessly breaks 84 coconuts within a minute. This record was previously made by an Indian and now it has dropped under the belt of a Pakistani Hero. In the show Mohammad Rashid and his team didnít loss any chance to mesmerize the audience and they surprise the present attendees and viewers across the globe through performing martial arts by opening bottles with head, breaking bricks and stones and lying on nails and received appreciation from the host and audience.As a reward, Dr Amir Liaquat gave Rashid and his team 50,000 cash prize and other valuable gifts as well. He also declared to bear the expenses of travelling of 13 members who aimed to break the record and successful fulfilled their mission.Later on the light chit chat between the newlywed couple was also enjoyed by the audience. Muhammad Mansoor and his newly converted Muslim wife Aleena Ali grabbed every eye on screen. Dr Amir gave them numerous prizes and he also announced 100 percent MBA scholarship for Muddassar Ahmed and Muhammad Faisal and MBA scholarship for Huzaibiya Naz. The scholarship was sponsored by Kasbit Institute of Technology. On the occasion, Kasbit Executive Mubashir Ali Shah Bukhari and Hassan Aamir were also present.

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