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Fawad Afzal

KharaSach: Journalist for sale...!

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KharaSach: Journalist for sale...!

Social media has disrupted everything and armed everyone who knows how to use the computer and internet to decimate facts and spread false news. This leads to a lot of lies spread across the world in less time and a larger number of people believing in whatever is put on the net without finding out whether it is true or not.

Unfortunately, even main stream ‘journalists’ are also misusing the social media without thinking how this can affect the ground realities. Putting up images and ‘news’/information on the net without verification is not what a professional journalist does; but pseudo-professional journalists are misusing this medium and spouting venom against all and sundry without verifying.

Recently, a talk show host of ‘Khara Saach’ showed a picture of a group of men dressed in traditional Balochi attire along with weapons. The anchor told his thousands of viewers that this was a picture of renowned journalist Najam Sethi when he used to work as a freedom fighter in Balochistan as a member of the Balochistan Liberation Army in the 1970s.

The anchor showed this picture again on his show, again claiming that this was Najam Sethi.
This picture became viral on the social media with people abusing Sethi.

Fortunately, a couple of days later another news item emerged which revealed that the said picture that this host claimed was Najam Sethi’s photograph was in fact the photo of Sher Mohammad Marri and not Najam Sethi.

Now what will this anchor do, will he publically apologise to Najam Sethi for consciously trying to defame him by doing a whole show against Sethi? Will this anchor tell his ‘viewers’ that this photograph is of Sher Mohammad Marri and not Najam Sethi? Will Sethi sue the anchor and the channel for posting defamatory information against him without verification?

If Sethi doesn’t want to involve himself with this so-called journalist, PEMRA or some other organization should take steps against this anchor and others like him who spread malicious gossip about people and get away with it. The anchor and his channel need to be fined, and the anchor suspended because he is also bringing disrepute the noble profession of journalism and damaging the image of the whole media.

Professional journalists are working hard to bring news to the viewer and such amateur people in the field damage the whole profession. This needs to be stopped as soon as possible, so that others are not allowed to do this.

It seems that such anchors and so-called journalists are working on a paid agenda because the constant spree of defamation is not stopping and goes on and on. The urgency of such anchors to put information out without verification reveals the desperation of this act. Does this mean that these ‘rent a journalist’ will spread anything about anyone for a price?

This is a bad trend in journalism and should be stopped, as it is the worst form of yellow journalism ever. On top of that, Najam Sethi should take legal action against the said anchor and channel so that this trend stops as soon as possible and the integrity of this profession is saved.

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