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Fawad Afzal

Happenings of #InaamGhar by #AamirLiaquat on #GeoTV - 9th Episode, 21th Feb 2014, Thursday

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Long Living Woman, 107 Years Old, Longest Peace Walk Haji, PakistanIdeal, 9th Ep, 4th Car
Happenings of #InaamGhar by #AamirLiaquat on #GeoTV - 9th Episode, 21th Feb 2014, Thursday

Beginning with the harmonious voice of Sherry, who recited the kalaam 'Mahi Yaad Gharolli' the 9th episode of Inaam Ghar started. The kalaam was so beautifully presented that the audience applaused with enjoyment.

The segment 'jhatt sawal patt jawab' was hilarious asusual. The viewers tried their luck answering interesting questions. People were asked to make the sound of a crow, say tongue twisters, poems, jokes and national songs; audience won worthy prizes on answering. A caller was also taken in the segment; she won a mobile phone on answering a question!

Who's in a healthy food war mood in the kitchen? The compitition between two women took place in the segment 'Chat Patt Chatta Chat Safa Chat Fatafat' they competed eachother in peeling a garlic neatly in a minute. Both candidates won gift hampers and an attire. The kitchen segment had yellow pulse cooking in this episode! Meanwhile the cooking, another compitition of eating the most chillis in a minute took place. The audience saw the participants with amusement and appreciated them. Sherry sang a funny song during the session which people enjoyed! The pulses of both teams looked delicious and tasted amazing as the host claimed. The one who cooked perfectly won a bike! She screamed in happiness and her victory lit up the show.

Scholarships were given to deserving students. Scholarship of BBA was given to a girl who thanked Aamir Liaquat and honored him with good words. Education is a necesity and inaam ghar loves promoting it.

A long living woman, born in 1906 was present in inaam ghar. She is 107 years old. Communicating with the host, she talked very well amazing everyone. She was very fit for her age (mashaAllah). The old lady shared about the sacrifice people made for dear Pakistan. She was given a long list of prizes to cheer her. The woman was also granted Umrah tickets when she requested Dr Aamir. The lady gave prayers and love to the host for his good gesture.

The audience witnessed something beautiful in inaam ghar's 9th episode. A person had made a model of Haram Shareef. The intricate detail and the art of it made viewers awe. They appreciated Rashid Qayum for his hardwork with claps and cheers. The model was made in 1988 by Rashids father. The hardwork was speaking for itself. The audience clapped endlessly for this piece of work. Inaam Ghar awarded Rashid with loads of prizes and a cash prize as well. The audience was also treated with an ice-cream to add the perfect amount of sweetness to the program.

Lagao tukka, the mosy favorite segment of the viewers began with great enthusiasm. People participated with joyous spirit.
Funny answers to funny questions is a part of the program but each time it brings fun to the audience. Every bit of the segment was enjoyed. One man ate an entire icecream in a go making people stare at him in amazement. For such an act, he won a bike. A hafiz e Quran was given a digital Quran for appreciation! The segment was a hit as the little ones to the old ones, all participated in it gladly! The episode was full of genrosity as the host distributed a good number of bikes!

Khel kar Jeeto segment included multiple fun games like basketball, litting candles with a single matchstick, holding the longest eye stare and the best of all was when couples were called on stage and asked to make an interesting discussion on a given word. The session was extremely mirthful for everyone because the participants used the words so interestingly that it bought fits of laughter. Both couples were cheered by the audience and won lots of gifts. The staring game between two guys was also worth a watch! All people in the segment enjoyed playing as well as the viewers enjoyed watchi

eople going on Umrah, who won umrah tickets in the rabi-ul-awal transmission also came to the show to be gifted Ehraam. The congragulating claps from the audience made the lucky ones going on umrah more happy. The people thanked Aamir Liaquat and showered him with prayers.

Next came the segment where people watch calmly holding on their breath. The segment of 'car war leja mere yar' is extremely informative and brings joy to the audience too. The three teams came well prepared and competed with eachother nicely. The questions vary from general, religious to audio and visuals. The interactive elements this segment includes brings and instinct of interest to the viewers. As the host proceeded to the last question the audience was intrigued! And then it happened!!! One of the team's won a Car. What a brilliant segment it was.

The segment 'Pakistan Ideal' looks for bright stars present in our nation. One of the most sparkling name for Pakistan is Haji Kharalzada Kasrat Rai. He has made the record of doing the longest peace walk. His name is included in the guiness world record! He made a record of walking on foot from karachi to Makkah, completing the journey in 117 days. He expressed his journey with beautiful worlds. Wow! This is truly unusual and amazing for everyone. His walk records have a cause to promote peace throughout the world. He has done peace walks to many locations. As the trophy of pakistan ideal was handed over to him, the audience appluaded him greatly. He was given a cash prize of rs.20,000 and many gifts! Dr Aamir Liaquat also shared his intention of walking to Makah from karachi on foot. (InshaAllah)

Mufta asusual brought gifts for everyone! The audience was overwhelmed with the amount of worthy gifts they recieved through Inaam ghar in lucky draw. The episode was engaging and compelling - everyone loved it!

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