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#Package: #InaamGhar #GeoNews Ep#10 by @AamirLiaquat Saturday 22 Feb 2014

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#Package: #InaamGhar #GeoNews Ep#10 by @AamirLiaquat Saturday 22 Feb 2014<wbr>photo.php?v=600713443343463&<wbr>set=vb.55249 1234832351&type=2&<wbr>theater

#Inaamghar began with a lyrical kalaam recited by Sherry named 'Dum Mast Qalandar'. Due to the breathtaking tone of the kalam, the audience couldn't help but participate anxiously. Segment 'Jhatt Sawal Patt Jawab was enjoyed with enthusiasm. Riddles, questions, poems and jokes - the segment was a pack of fun for all.

What was cooking in the appetizing kitchen of Inaam ghar in this episode? 'Chat patt chatta chat safa chat fata fat' had the competition to cook the best Aaloo Paratha between two teams. The name of the kitchen segment is a term that is a fun in itself. The audience was asked to repeat the name of the segment; the ones to do so properly won gift hampers. A competition between two men took place to eat the most gol gappay in a minute. They ate hurriedly making everyone laugh. Both teams who cooked Aaloo Paratha won gift hampers.

Segment Chulbulley was full of cute talks with the children. All children shared their bits and pieces adding delight to the environment. Having children around always lightens up the mood of everyone. Inaam Ghar also celebrated the birthday of a cute boy. The audience along with Sherry sang him a super birthday song while he cut the cake.

Inaam ghar never fails to bring something exciting to the audience. The best part of this episode was the appearence of an outclass Illusionist. Shahrukh, the illusionist entered with fire all over his body. As the fire around him started to settle, a rose came in view from it which he gave to Dr Aamir. With applauses, the audience watched in amazement. He also brought a frame with a pigeon drawn on it and as he waved it in air, a real pigeon flew out of it! Another illusion he performed was bending a fork with his mind power. While it might sound unbelieveable but hundreds of people witnessed it Live and were simply out of words with astonishment. He played card tricks and amazingly ate a thread, taking it out from the corner of his eye. As the illusionist left, he was cheered and hooted by the audience with great admiration. This appearance was the life of the episode.

Lagao Tukka, the favorite segment of the viewers was thoroughly relished. Tongue twister and out of the box questions made people eager to participate somehow. Callers from around the country also become a part of the segment. The humorous host engaged with the audience in such a casual way that no one can hold their laughter for long. Loads of gifts were given.

Segment 'khel kar jeeto' is all about exciting games! The segment comprised of games like balloon shooting, spoon race, and snake ladder! To began the fist game that was balloon shooting, Dua Aamir, daughter of the host made the announcement to open the doors revealing the game. Out of all the games, spoon race was the one that was enjoyed the most as Dr Aamir Liaquat got involved in it. Balancing a ball on a spoon proved to be such a fun activity! The segment also had an activity with couples. They were called on stage and they were asked to talk over a given word with their partner. The speeches by the couples gave the viewers a good chance to giggle. The segment kept the viewers hooked throughout.

The trophy of 'Pakistan ideal' was given to Ambreen Shah. She is blind but her hope and will has kept her strong. She completed her studies and is pursuing her career as a teacher. Despite of her blindness, she has been acquiring the award of best teacher of the year from the last 5 years. Ambreen being a deserving lady for the trophy recieved it with high spirits. In her speech she motivated all to study and bring something worthy out of ones self. She concluded her speech with a poetry she put forward in the honor of meeting the host. The audience clapped for her as she left...

Indiviuals from the audience wearing white color were called on stage. Determined by the claps of the audience on the whiteness of clothes, the man wearing the cleanest clothes won a washing machine! Inaam Ghar find reasons to give gifts and spread smiles and this is a proof of it.

The interesting segment of 'Car War Leja Mere Yar' is a competition between three teams to win a car on answering questions correctly. The audience anticipating, watched the segment while the teams answered the questions eagerly. Despite trying hard, the teams couldn't win a car but one of the teams won a bike on answering the most questions. This segment in particular is always informative for everyone. The audience gets to learn about things they don't know.

'Zor Laga ke bhaiyya' made the audience go in the state of cachinnation. The unfit ones were called on stage and were asked to lift a drink bottle with their mouth and they had to place it a few steps ahead of them in a proper way. No hand support was allowed during the activity. The activity was extremely fun and the audience motivated the participants with hoots and claps.

The program ended on 'mufta' a lucky draw for the audience present on set. People won worthy prizes like rings, return ticket to dubai and bangkok, appliances, attires, and what not.

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