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Fawad Afzal

#InaamGhar Happenings of 11th Episode: 27th Feb 2014, Friday

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#InaamGhar Happenings of 11th Episode: 27th Feb 2014, Friday

Once again the grand set of Inaam Ghar gleamed as the beautiful Kalaam 'mera piya ghar aya' in the voice of Sherry brought merriment. Uproarious response was recieved by the audience to the segment 'Jhat Sawal Patt Jawab'. Riddles, mind boggling questions, national songs, poems, tongue twisters and joyous responsive answers lightened the program. Dr Aamir Liaquat Husain was given several precious gifts from the audience as a gesture of love.

Segment 'Chat Patt Chatta Chat Safa Chat Fatafat' had the kitchen of Inaam Ghar in the sweet fragnance of Chicken jalfrezi. The folds of aroma of the cooking were justified when the host tried the welldone chicken jalfrezi and appreciated the winner team. Both teams won prizes! A competition between two men to eat 15 Rusks in a minute with tea took place. The competition was extreme fun to watch. Another competition between two women took place to cut several gingers in an appropriate way in a minute. Both competition participants were cheered by the audience. Winners returned home with worthy gifts.

A hindu couple was respectfully invited to Inaam ghar as the program also focuses on minimizing differences and appreciating minorities. The host discussed hindu customs with the couple. The surprizing part of the conversation was when the bride revealed it was a love marriage from her side while the groom exclaimed the marriage as arranged. They shared their bit of cute story which everyone listened with great interest and enjoyed.

Segment 'Lagao Tukka' brought the audience in huge exhilaration. The most enjoyable part of this segment are the answers given as wild guesses. People come up with the funniest logics and jocund ideas as answers. A kid brought smiles to everyone by saying a phrase of a poem with a million dollar expression. The host couldn't help but follow him around the set so he would add more glisten to the environment. Overall, this segment is always a hit and the 11th episode didn't bring down expectations in any way.

Education makes us human. It makes us a better person and promotes welfare in the society. Promoting education, Inaam ghar gave 100% scholorships to two deserving students. In congratulating appluases, the audience appreciated the students.

Next comes another favorite segment of the viewers - Khel Kar Jeeto. A competition of shooting cans with a laser gun happened. All participants played well enjoying every bit of the game. The host enthusiastically involved in the game and played like a champion himself! All participants were given exciting prizes. Another interesting game was in which the players had to blow air out to keep a balloon overhead without the use of hands. This game in particular was watched with fervour! Couples were called on stage and were asked to act on different situations impersonating their partner i.e switching roles. As the wife became the man and the man became the wife, the audience went into fits of laughter watching the scenario. For the brilliant acts both couples presented, they were given prizes.

Segment 'Car War Leja Mere Yar' brought gruesome silence to the program as everyone sat brainstorming the answers to the questions that were asked. Unfortunately the three teams couldn't answer correctly and failed to take a car home, but as Inaam ghar doesn't let any participant go empty handed, all teams were given expensive mobile phones. Not letting the audience lose their spirit, the program moves next to the segment 'Pakistan Ideal'.

The titular trophy of 'Pakistan Ideal' was given to Khuwar Husain. To identify Pakistan as a gem country and a country of peace in the world, he cycled from darae khyber to Karachi in 25 days covering 2917km in total. Appreciating his high spirits he was honored with the trophy and applaused by the audience. No doubt such people deserve recognization and Inaam Ghar is performing the rightful duty of bringing these indiviuals forward.

Inaam Ghar ended on the segment 'Mufta' - a lucky draw for all! Audience jumped with excitement as names were being drawn. Gadgets, appliances, attires, return ticket to dubai and Colombo were also given! Time truly flies by as people sit to watch the program, but every episode proves that Inaam Ghar has so much in store for its viewers.

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