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#TheNews: Victory to be sealed in #AsiaCup final: #Afridi #InaamGhar

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#TheNews: Victory to be sealed in #AsiaCup final: #Afridi #InaamGhar
Says Dr @AmirLiaquat of #GeoTVís programme Ď#InamGharí gives great encouragement<wbr>Todays-News-2-236797-Victory-<wbr>to-be-sealed-in-Asia-Cup-<wbr>final:-Afridi

Friday, March 07, 2014

KARACHI: Pakistan cricket teamís renowned all-rounder Shahid Khan Afiridi who stamped Pakistanís win against India in Asia Cup match with his stormy batting has said that the nation stands by the team and the way Pakistani team has been encouraged in ĎInam Gharí of Geo TV programme hosted by Dr Amir Liaquat Hussain shows that the national team will seal its victory against Sri Lanka in Asia Cup final.

He expressed these views while talking to Dr Amir Laiquat Hussain in the programme on telephone from Dhaka.

Shahid Afridi said that Pakistan was passing through a difficult situation and such a scenario if cricket team and his performance had brought smiles to the people, it would be a valuable gift for the country men. He expressed gratitude to Dr Amir Liaquat Hussain and Geo TV and desired that it would be better if he could be there in the programme. He said that he would participate in Inam Ghar after his return from Bangladesh because it was the only family show in which his participation would be an honour for him.

After reaching Asia Cup final and participating in the show, Shahid Afridi said that the nation needed love and affection because the country was in turmoil and the people should serve the country transcending all types of prejudice and be proud of being Pakistanis as it was a key to success in all walks of life.

Dr Amir on the occasion paid rich tributes to Shahid Afridi and said that he was the real hero of the nation as his glorious performance had united the disintegrated society and infused a new spirit in the people of Pakistan. He said that Afridi had brought the pride of Indian cricket team with the volley of sixes and stumped victory in final before the final was played.

Shahid Afridiís elder brother Mushtaq Afridi, daughters Ansha and Aqsa and nephews Talha, Jaffar, Reyan and Ahsan were also present in the programme. Dr Amir Liaquat Hussain announced Rs1.5 million for the hospital being built on the name of Shahid Afridiís father Sahibzada Fazal Karim on behalf of Burj Bank, Kamran Tessori, Saeed Ghani and other sponsors. Dr Amir termed Shahid Afridi hero of the nation and Pakistan Idol. Shahid Afridi thanked the host and in his absence the award was received by his daughte

F leader Kamran Tessori and cricket commentator Abdul Majid Bhatti presented the bat inscribed with Afridiís signature to the host of the programme. During the conversation with Shahid Afridi and his family, the audience paid rich tribute to the cricket star. The people enjoyed themselves with the questions and answer session and recreational segments.

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