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Fawad Afzal

Happenings of #InaamGhar Ep#13, 7th March 2014, Thursday

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Happenings of #InaamGhar Ep#13, 7th March 2014, ThursdayGrand Family Show by @AamirLiaquat only on #Geo13th episode of Inaam Ghar began with the kalaam 'Allah Merey Dil Ke Andar' recited delightfully by Sherry. The episode is an exclusive one as it was told in the very beginning by Dr Aamir Liaquat that Shahid Afridi, best Pakistani Cricketer would be taken live on call from Dhaka.The audience was extremely excited to hear the news. A presentation showing how Afridi brought pride to the country was followed by welcoming his two daugters, his brother and other family members. The audience welcomed the honorable family with responsive applauses. When Shahid Afridi was taken live on call, Sherry sang a adoring song for him.Shahid Afridi talked greatly about finishing discrimination. Dr Aamir appreciated the hero of Pakistan by claiming that Afridi's performances has united us all which was a must need, taking in regard the current situations of the country. Afridi talked to his family present on set. Dr Aamir expressed his request of hearing Afridi speak in Pashtu with his daughter; the request was instantly granted and audience relished the conversation. A donation of 15lac was given to Shahid Afridi for the foundation of a charity hospital he wishes to establish on the name of his father, Sahabzada Fazrul Rehman. Kamran Khan Tessori, famous businessman and politician was honorably called on stage as he gave Rs. 3 lac for the cause. Burj Bank gave Rs. 5 lac while many others along with the host made their contributions towards the cause. Abdul Majid Bhatti, sports journalist also came to the programme and gave his input on the remarkable performance of Afridi in the recent cricket matches. He talked about the country and its well being. Majid Bhatti gave a signatured bat of Shahid Afridi to the host. His ideas in his talk with the everyone was highly appreciated and accepted in the applauses of the audience. Shahid Afridi's beloved family returned home with the titular trophy of 'Pakistan Ideal'. Indeed, the cricketer deserves the trophy from Inaam Ghar. The dialogue exchange with Shahid Afridi proved to be very exciting for the viewers.Starting with the first segment 'Jhat Sawal Patt Jawab' the host asked various questions to the audience; most of the questions were regarding cricket. People answered with intelligence and won different prizes. The segment 'Chat Patt Chata Chat Safa Chat Fatafat' called for a delicious competition of cooking the best chicken nuggets. While the two teams cooked, a competition to eat the most oranges in a minute took place. Another competition between two women took place to identify food items while blindfolded. Both competitions were excessively relished by everyone. Both teams in the cooking segment won dinner sets and gift hampers.Inaam Ghar emphasizing on education gives out scholorships constantly in its episodes.Scholorship of MBA was given to a special student who had his heart on the right side. Another 100% scholorship of BBA was given to a deserving lady student. The audience cherished the students happily.Indiviuals wearing white clothes were called on stage. By the applauses of the audience, it was determined who wore the whitest clothes of all. The winner won an expensive washing machine.Segment 'lagao tukka' asusual had exciting questions leading to funny answers. The segment consists of the best laughs from the viewers as it never fails to astound the watchers. The episode was wholly dedicated to cricket, therefor most of the questions in this segment were also related to cricket. Many prizes like attires, mobile phones, laptops and etc. A wife by giving a correct answer also won a bike for her husband. Humorous conversations with the audience added extra smiles in the segment.Next came the segment 'Khel kar Jeeto' consisting of fun games like Dart Ball Wheel, And other various activities. Two couples were called on stage and were given situations two act upon. The wives were asked to wakeup their husbands after which the husbands were asked to please their wives. The whole act was thoroughly cherished by everyone as it brought the perfect amount of drama on set. 'Golden Girls', a few ladies who play games in the segment, were asked to cry out loud for atleast a minute. On the other hand, men were asked to laugh out loud. Both activities were exceptionally performed by the participants. The audience enjoyed every bit of the segment and were moved by the gagging happenings.Segment 'Car War Leja Mere Yar' always consists of noetic activities. Different general knowledge, visual questions and religious questions were asked during the segment from the three teams. Competing eachother, the teams strived to stay in the game. Throughout the segment, the audience watched winsomely. Unfortunately, none of the teams were able to win a car but one of the teams won a Bike!Muhammad Rashid, who was previously seen making a record by breaking 84 coconuts at Inaam ghar, came again as a special guest. Accolading Rashid for fulfilling his promise and priding the name of his country by being registered in the Guiness World Record for making 7 different records, a short documentary was shown about the records. Glimpses of all the activities Rashid and his team performed were shown in it. Rashid talked about his life and how he got where he is today. He also introduced everyone in his team and mentioned their remarkable achievements. The audience appluaded and hooted heavily for Rashid and his team; they were in high spirits seeing what Rashid has done for the country.Inaam Ghar ended on one of the favorite segment 'Mufta' - a chance of gifts for everyone. Audience won worthy prizes. The episode was extremely energetic and consisted of all the right energy people need these days. Truly, it was an episode that is a must watch.InaamGhar Social Portals:Updates: www.InaamGhar.Tv

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