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Package: #InaamGhar #GeoNews Ep#14 by @AamirLiaquat Saturday 8th Mar 2014

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Package: #InaamGhar#GeoNews <wbr>Ep#14 by @AamirLiaquat Saturday 8th Mar 2014
Grand Family Show only on #Geo<wbr>photo.php?v=608309332583874&<wbr>set=vb.55249 1234832351&type=2&<wbr>theater

The programme began with the cheers of the audience as Sherry sang ‘Main bhi Pakistan hun’. During the 14th episode of Inaam Ghar, the finale of Asia Cup between Pakistan and Srilanka was being played. Everyone came to the show with patriotic spirits and the programme revolved around cricket, keeping the unity we need in mind. As sherry sang the song, the audience participated with loud claps. Individuals wore Pakistan cricket team shirts to show their support for the team.

Inaam Ghar also had Muhammad Ali, a well known astrologer live on set. He gave the feedback regarding the cricket match and predicted about the game.

An enthusiastic patriotic session took place in the segment ‘Jhat Sawal Patt Jawab’. People were asked to sing national songs by which the set echoed with the sounds of love for the country. People participated heart-warmingly throughout.

The segment ‘Chat Pat Chata Chat Safa Chat Fatafat’ called for a yummylicious competition of cooking Chicken Qorma. Meanwhile the segment, two men were called on stage to eat the most bowls of yogurt in a minute. The audience enjoyed watching both competitors eat in hurry. The participants of the kitchen segment returned with an expensive dinner set and a gift hamper.

Segment ‘Chulbuley’ was full of nationalist kids. The kids sang songs showcasing their love for Pakistan. Viewers cherished seeing how the little ones has sparkling energy and spirit in them. A girl’s birthday was also celebrated in the segment. Sherry sang a birthday song while the birthday girl cut the cake; the audience participated, cheering the girl.

A man came along with a special pet- an anglo austrian breed of a Rabbit. The pet owner described more about his pet which he had named ‘Anmol’. It was truly a unique pet as it had different eye color. One eye was brown, while the other was whitesh blue. The owner also enlightened the audience with the fact that his pet eats almost everything; the rabbit ate a bubblegum Live on the show, amazing everyone watching! the pet owner returned home with a cash prize and astounding interest in his pet from the audience.

The trophy of ‘Pakistan Ideal’ was given to Muneeb Siddique, a patient of Downer Syndrome. Despite his physical disability to act slow in accordance to his daily life, he has won gold medals in swimming during special Olympics. Muneeb is truly a pride for the country. His mother also came with him; she told the audience more about her son. Muneeb when given the titular trophy received the much needed appreciation. People appluased for Muneeb, a real gem.

Amjad Siddique made a special appearance in the program. Due to a car accident, most of his body suffered with severe disability and he is now surviving on a wheel chair. He never lost hope. He won many marathons, competing with normal people and making remarkable records. He traveled almost 52 countries, and visited many rehabilitation centers. His experience brought him the title of ‘A man on his mission’. His mission also gave him the title of ‘one in a million’ in America. Having a man like Amjad on Inaam ghar is an honor for everyone as a nation. Amjad appealed the Government to open state of the art rehabilitation centers in pakistan. He also couragingly gave away 20 wheel chairs to disabled people. Everyone emboldened Amjad for his spirit stirring work through winsome applauses.

Meanwhile the program, Pakistan lost the cricket match to SriLanka. Ignoring the unfortunate news, Dr Aamir Liaquat proudly supported Pakistan with words of wisdom. The audience gave an standing ovation for the team, while sherry sang a patriotic and soul stirring song. The set of Inaam ghar gleamed with beautiful fireworks while everyone participated greatly in proving their chauvinist spirits through waving hands and clapping with relishment.

The ever favorite segment ‘Lagao Tukka’ received a warm response. Mind confuzzling questions made people more excited to participate by guessing answers. The audience won awesome gifts throughout the segment. A boy was also given a bike for singing a beautiful national song.

Segment ‘Khel kar Jeeto’ consisted of the most exciting games. Super over and stump down were played enthusiastically. Cricket being played live on the set was worth a watch for everyone. The best part of the segment was the couple game. Two couples were called on stage and were asked to communicate with their partners, acting on a certain line for speech. The whole act gave everyone an awesome chance to laugh out loud.

People wearing the whitest clothes were called on stage. By the applauses of the audience, it was determined who wore the cleanist clothes of all. The winner won a washing machine.

Next came the intellectual segment of ‘Car War Leja Mere Yar’. The audience as always watched the segment anxiously. General questions and audio, visual questions were asked from the three teams in the segment. Saddeningly, none of the teams won a car, but one of the team won a bike. The audience always gets to learn something informative in this segment.

Segment ‘Zor Laga Ke Bhaiyya’ promises gags everytime! Ahmed Aamir and Dua Aamir also participated in the segment. The activity was to hold on a funny pose for as long as possible while the host tried his best to confuse the participants. The audience went in to fits of laughter watching the activity. Dr Aamir’s children also played exceptionally well! The winner of the segment won various prizes.

The program culminated in the joy of ‘Mufta’. A segment to give gifts to everyone through lucky draw. People won expensive prizes like attires, rings, international air tickets, laptops, appliances and etc. Overall, this episode proved to be an exciting and happening one.

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