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#TheNews: Rulers should mend their ways: Dr @AmirLiaquat

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#TheNews: Rulers should mend their ways: Dr @AmirLiaquat
Anchor presents live show of ‘#AalimOnline' from #Thar #Mithi; cooks ‘chicken karahi’ for drought-hit participants
#GeoTV #Pakistan #MSF

Thursday, March 13, 2014
From Print Edition

KARACHI: Whenever a calamity hit any part of the country, Dr Amir Liaquat Hussain always reached there. In addition to participating in relief work, he has also kept his viewers well-informed of the scenario.

Whether it is pain of the IDPs of Swat or that of the Sindhi people affected by flood, Dr Amir Liaquat has always presented feelings of the countrymen in front of the viewers. Dr Amir Liaquat has not remained indifferent to the pitiable condition of Tharparkar people. He hosted a live show of ‘Alim Online’ from Thar. Meanwhile, on special arrangement, he cooked ‘Chicken Karahi’ for the victims of the drought present in the programme.

Special prayer for rain (Namaz-e-Istasqa) was also offered. The prayer was led by Maulana Bashir Farooq Qadri. In the programme telecast live from far-flung village of Mithi, Poh Sarka, Dr Amir said that the rulers should mend their ways. He said that if there had been no media coverage, the masses would have never known about the grief of the calamity-stricken Thar people.

Analysing the situation in Tharparkar, he said that the area was deprived of potable water, food and medicine. There is no staff in hospitals. He noted that most of the deaths were caused by contaminated water and absence of medical facilities. He told the viewers that the Hindu population of the area and the local Muslims were leading a life of peaceful coexistence here.

Talking to Dr Amir Liaquat, the local leader and social worker from Thar, Akbar Dars said that negligence of the doctors caused most of the deaths in the area, in addition to the unavailability of health care. Children have been dying here for the last three months but the government has not taken any notice.

He disclosed that the local dispensary was under the control of influential people. The performance of NGOs is also bad and they have not reached the area till now, he added. Ameer of Central Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith, Tharparkar, Maulana Muhammad Hassan Sammon thanked the host of the programme for highlighting the issue. He stated that one of the reasons for famine was the deaths of cattle due to which the local population were deprived of food.

Assistant Director of Forest Department Maharaj Lajpat said that despite the presence of Hindus here, there had been no problem of law and order.

The representative of the Hindu community, Bharu Mal said on the occasion that the excess of fluoride in the water caused disability among the population.The affected women informed that when they sought help, they were maltreated.

During the programme, the volunteers of Mahmooda Sultana Foundation, distributed eatables and items of daily use among the affected people. Dr Shan Alam and Dr Shahid who accompanied the volunteers kept on providing the people with medical aid and medicines.

The host, Dr Amir, especially thanked local notables including Maulana Ibrahim, Ashfaq Memon, Irfan Junejo and Abid Hussain Jatoi for their support.<wbr>Todays-News-2-237958-Rulers-<wbr>should-mend-their-waysr-<wbr>Amir

تم زمین والوں پر رحم کرو، آسمان والا تم پر رحم کرے گا (الحدیث)۔
دکھیاروں کی امداد کے لیے ڈاکٹر عامر لیاقت حسین کا ساتھ دیجیے

عالم آن لائن ۔۔دیکھیے تھر کی قحط زدہ علاقوں سے براہ راست
ڈاکٹر عامر لیاقت حسین کے ساتھ
آپ اپنی زکٰوۃ خیرات،عطیات یو بی ایل میں جمع کرواسکتے ہیں
پاکستان میں عطیات جمع کروانے کے لیے
اکائونٹ نمبر 4-3033-010, یو بی ایل، الرحمان برانچ، آئی آئی چندریگر روڈ، کراچی
ایڈریس: محمودہ سلطانہ فائونڈیشن، سیکنڈ فلور لہر منزل،
محمودہ سلطانہ اسٹریٹ، آئی آئی چندریگر روڈ، کراچی

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