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#GeoTV #InaamGhar Top on the Rating - #PakistanMediaUpdates

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#GeoTV #InaamGhar Top on the Rating - #PakistanMediaUpdates

Nazia Shaikh / March 14, 2014
Pakistani famous program of Geo TV “Inaam Ghar” has become the most watching show. This is one of the best TV shows which are hosted by a famous host Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain. Inaam Ghar is a reality TV show highlights the talent and prizes are given in every episode of the show. This program also shows the world record holders of Pakistan.

Dr Aamir Liaquat the host of this show has hosted several programs and got a lot of fame. He is not only famous in Pakistan but also in all over the world. People love the way he hosts the program and his way of hosting is really brilliant. People come in his program from far and wide and love his show a lot. There are so many interesting segments in his program and “Car War Le ja Mere Yaar” is the most interesting segments of his program. Host Aamir invite newly married couple and Bachelors as well and make them play different games.
Aamir started his career from “Aalim Online” on Geo TV; he got a lot of fame from this program. He also hosted a famous Ramazan special program “Amaan Ramazan” and got a lot of fame in all over the world.


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