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Fawad Afzal

Happenings of #InaamGhar by #AamirLiaquat on #GeoTV - 16th Episode, 15th March 2014, Saturday

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Happenings of #InaamGhar by #AamirLiaquat on #GeoTV - 16th Episode, 15th March 2014, Saturday

Grand Family Show by @AamirLiaquat only on #Geo

Sherry recited the ever famous kalaam 'Dam Gutkoon' beautifully giving start to another exciting episode of Inaam Ghar. Segment 'Jhat Sawal Pat Jawab' consisted of the questions dealing with common sense, yet convincing enough to make everyone laugh. The tongue twister in this episode really proved to be a mind twisting one.

Next came the delicious segment 'Chat Patt Chatta Chat Safa Chat Fatafat'. Two teams competed eachother in making the best aloo ki tarkari with puri. Meanwhile the teams cooked, two people were given the task to drink the most milk bottles in a minute. The audience watched amazed how hurriedly both men drank milk! Audience laughed out loud on the comments given by Dr Aamir Liaquat Husain regarding the activity. Both men were given gift hampers. Both of the teams in the kitchen segment won gift hampers.

Segment 'Chulbulley' welcomed the little ones to say what they have in mind. A boy humorously did a parody act of the host; everyone applaused the little one. Other children sang poems, national songs and recited hamd. There was a birthday boy among the kids named Mustafa, the birthday boy enjoying to the beat of his birthday song, cut his cake.

Some unusual pets were also present on the set. A man brought his python and a crocodile. Both the animals were three years old. People watched with interest as the owner of the pets told more about them.

'Pakistan Ideal' trophy was given to a 12 year old girl named Tuba, because she had her name registered in the Guiness World Record for kicking the most cups off a head in a minute. While making the record, she kicked 119 cups! Tuba before receiving the trophy claimed to re-attempt the record live at Inaam Ghar. Everyone held their breath as the one minute clock started ticking. To the amazement of many! Tuba broke her own record Live, by kicking of 131 cups! Overwhelmed with joy the audience appluased for the girl as she was given the trophy of 'Pakistan Ideal'. Pakistan truly has gems and Tuba is a young example of it.

Farhat Siddique, a yoga therapist came to inaam ghar for a special appearance. The lady had been doing Yoga since she was 5. She performed some amusing yoga steps! To manage stress, she shared a small step of breathing with everyone.

As Inaam ghar focuses on demolishing discrimination of every sort, a happy family from the hindu community also came to the 16th episode. It was their event of Holi. After telling their names, Dr Aamir asked them about the significance of the occasion of Holi. As one of the family member told about the historical background of the event, audience listened with involvement. The family played holi, adding more colors to the ever gleaming program.

Segment 'Lagao Tukka' brought an avalanche of hilarious statements from the audience. Many won expensive prizes just by telling a poetry. Overall, the segment was a lively one.

In this episode, the most exciting games were played in the segment 'Khel Kar Jeeto'. 6 players played to win a car! The segment offered a car as a grand prize to spice it up. Various interactive games were played by the participants. Audience cheered the players throughout the entertaining series of games to shortlist one winner who would take a car home with him. And finally, as the audience screamed with excitement - a man
won a Car!

A man also won a washing machine as he wore the whitest clothes in all the people present.

The edifying segment 'Car War Leja Mere Yar' brought everyone to the edge of their seats as three teams played to win a car. General, religious, and visual questions were asked from the participants. The teams couldn't keep up with the questions and unfortunately no one won a car. No matter someone wins a car in the segment or not, it is always very intellectual for the viewers.

One of the most entertaining segment 'Zor Laga ke Bhaiyya' was enthusiastically enjoyed by all. The instructor instructed the participants to do a clap pushup. The whole exercise was extremely funny to watch; everyone went into fits of laughter. The participant who did the activity in the best way won a gift hamper, appliance and a mobile phone. Ahmed Aamir and Dr Aamir Liaquat Husain also did the exercise perfectly. People hooted watching son and father being fitness champions!

Dr Aamir Liaquat brought an end to the glorious episode on 'Mufta'. The lucky draw generously gave away return tickets, attires, rings, bike, appliances, gadgets and much more to the audience. Inaam ghar always delivers something exclusive to its viewers, this episode is a lively proof of it.

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