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Fawad Afzal

Happenings of #InaamGhar by #AamirLiaquat on #GeoTV - 17th Episode, 20th March 2014, Thursday

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Happenings of #InaamGhar by #AamirLiaquat on #GeoTV - 17th Episode, 20th March 2014, Thursday

Grand Family Show by @AamirLiaquat only on #Geo

The 17th grand episode of Inaam Ghar began with the miraculous voice of Sherry, who recited the Kalaam ‘Tere Rang Rang’. The kalaam was so soothing to ears that the audience went into a calming trance, but as the episode called for cheering spirits, Dr Aamir Liaquat Husain enthusiastically started off with the first segment ‘Jhatt Sawab Patt Jawab’. Confusing questions were skillfully answered by the audience. Poetry and entertaining answers were also the life of this segment. A man with big curly hair among the audience became the centre of attention. The dialogue exchange between the host and the man was hilarious. Rauf Alam, a character from 50 50 came to give a special appearance in the program. The audience applauded seeing the known personality.

Dr Aamir Liaquat Husain shared the joyous news that now Inaam Ghar is the biggest entertainment Game Show in all Asia. The yummylicious segment of ‘Chat Patt Chata Chat Safa Chat FataFat’ comprised of two teams competing to cook the best Pomfret Fish fry. Meanwhile, the teams got busy cooking, two women were asked to stitch buttons on a shirt. One participant was able to stitch three buttons by hand while the other was unable to stitch any. Another fun activity to eat the most Kheer in a minute also took place. Ali Mohammed, the astrologer at Inaam Ghar predicted with a horoscope pin-wheel about who would win the activity, but his prediction went wrong! The whole act was very enjoyable.mThe viewers watched with great interest throughout the segment, enjoying every bit of it. The two cooking teams couldn't make the best out of what they were asked to cook, as humorously judged by Dr Aamir Liaquat Husain.

Petting animals bring out a caring human from within us. Inaam Ghar had some adorable pets on set. A loving pet owner brought two unique breeds of cat to the lights of the program. The breeds were Siamese and Himalayan. The audience loved seeing both beautiful fur ball cats as the owner told more about them. Endorsing Education as always, 100% BBA scholarship was given to Mujhtaba Hasan, who is also a Guinness World Record holder. Another 100% scholarship of BBA was given to Sarah, a deserving student. The person wearing the whitest clothes among all won a washing machine in the episode.

Segment ‘lagao tukka’ brought the audience to jocund. A tricky question kept the audience hooked and guessing. The host offered bike and numerous valuable gifts; the audience tried hard to the point that the host was knackered! Finally someone got the answer right and in loud claps, the person won various gifts. The host also found two people who looked identical somehow, both were given cash prize. A man from Peshawar with his dialogue exchange with the host, made people laugh out loud.

Next came the segment, Khel kar Jeeto. Exciting games like Ice and Water, Arm Wrestling and Acting were played. All games were very fun to watch, but the most enjoyed was the acting activity. A husband was asked to act out a speech against his wife who doesn't keep her happy. The man gave the speech so professionally that the audience went in hysteria! Next came his wife’s turn who took the revenge sharply! She talked against her husband, which everyone enjoyed listening. The other team was of a mother in law and her son’s wife. The lady was asked to talk against her mother in law. She was applauded as she acted realistically. Her mother in law talked sweetly yet sarcastically, giving the viewers a good chance of delight.

The segment of Car War Leja Mere Yar started with the prediction of the astrologer, who exclaimed that someone might win a car this time. In absolute silence and an air of concentration, the competition between three teams took place to win a car. The teams answered various questions. Supporting the teams, on every correct answer the audience clapped loud. The host humorously tried to bribe the team who was close to winning the vehicle but the team refused. Unfortunately, no team was able to win the car!

Segment ‘Pakistan Ideal’ was one of the brightest and remarkable part of the program as it brought up an old chapter back to the host himself. Pakistan Ideal was given to a boy named Zaid Rao, who isn't alive any more. He was a patient of thalassemia major and accompanied Dr Aamir Liaquat in the very famous Ramazan Transmissions. The boy promoted the cause of donating blood. He didn’t stop his education and he was also the spokesperson of Thalassemia group. A short documentary was shown about the very courageous boy who spent his lived his life by a real cause. Zaid’s proud mother came as everyone welcomed her with standing ovation. She was given the trophy of Pakistan Ideal on behalf of her late son. Promoting the cause of her son, she gave her positive two cents regarding it. She also talked about the pains her son went through, but his will stayed strong to never give up.

The energetic program ended on Mufta. Individuals won return tickets, attires, appliances, mobile phones, bike, jewellery, and etc just by a simple lucky draw. Inaam Ghar’s 17th episode was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

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