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Fawad Afzal

Happenings of #InaamGhar (Youm-e-Pakistan Special)

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Happenings of #InaamGhar (Youm-e-Pakistan Special)

18th Episode, 22th March 2014, Saturday

Asia's Largest Grand Family Show by @AamirLiaquat only on #Geo

The set of Inaam Ghar glistened with greens and whites from the beautiful flag of Pakistan in the 18th episode, as it was decorated for the occasion of 23rd March. Sherry sang a melodious medley of national songs, bringing enthusiasm to the audience. Throughout the medley, the crowd waved Pakistan's Flags in the chants of the songs. Dr Aamir Liaquat expressing love to the country, gave a thoughtful message to everyone about Pakistan.

Following the patriotic theme of the program, segment 'Jhat Sawal Patt Jawab' mostly consisted of questions regarding Pakistan. Poetry, riddles, national songs, tongue twisters and other questions kept the audience excitingly engaged. In midst the segment, Sherry sang 'Dil Dil pakistan' on the request of the host.

The appetizing segment of 'Chat Pat Chata Chat Safa Chat Fatafat' began with a healthy competition between two teams to cook Chicken Hara Masala. Meanwhile, two men competed to make salad in a minute. They acted proficiently keeping the audience piquant. Both cooking teams did an awesome job as judged by the host. They both won gift hampers and a dinner set.

Segment 'Chulbuley' always adds glitter to the program. A birthday girl cut her birthday cake while Sherry sang her a birthday song. Other little ones The audience applauded for the kids as they displayed their sparkling talents by singing national songs and much more. A cute girl came dressed like Madam Noor jahan and beautifully sang a cover of her most popular song.

People wearing white clothes were called upon stage. Determined by the claps of audience, the person wearing the whitest clothes of all won a washing machine.

The honoring trophy of 'Pakistan Ideal' was given to Wajid Ali and Ibad Ali. They made a 200 meter flag of Pakistan. To showcase their applaudable hardwork, the flag was spread and left to cascade past the doors of the set. Seeing the beautiful flag, the audience was in chauvinist spirits. Indeed, the flag altered the ambiance of the program and brought it to the zenith of intense patriotism. Pakistan Ideals were given rs. 50,000 for their remarkable work and laptops aswell.

Shafeeq Shah, a deaf and dumb man with exceptional qualities came to Inaam Ghar. He presented a handmade model of Mazar e Quaid. The detailed and intricate model of the heart of Karachi was viewed with amazement. Inaam Ghar gave Shafeeq rs 30,000 for the outstanding job.

Segment 'Lagao Tukka' began with tricky questions. The audience fully participated in the segment as it gives a good chance of winning by quick guesses. The segment was enjoyed by all. Bikes, mobiles, attires and so much more was generously given in the segment. The audience contributed whole heartedly throughout!

The fun games segment 'Khel Kar Jeeto' had various games! The first game was hockey and the players had to play a penalty stroke. The participants played immaturely making everyone laugh. Second game consisted of two ladies who were given the task to make as many small Pakistan flags as they could. The last and the most enjoyed activity of the segment was when couples were called on stage and were asked to act in accordance to different situations. Both teams were entertaining and won loads of prizes in return.

'Car War leja Mere Yar' brought anxiousness to the audience as they watched closely. The informative segment calls for a Q/A session with three teams to win a car. Following the theme of the program, questions were mostly related to Pakistan. The teams played tactfully trying to stay clawed in the competition. Wisely playing, in this episode, one of team player did win a car! The winner was very excited as the audience cheered him on his victory.

Segment 'Zor Laga Ke Bhaiyya' brings an air of energy to the program. The fitness instructor asked the participants to do an exercise. Along the cheers and jocund of the audience, all participants did very well.

Before the end of this grand episode, Rashid, martial art performer, once again came to amaze the viewers. Rashid with his team came to make yet another record by breaking the most pine boards on the head. Rashid announced that he would be dedicating this attempt of making the world record to Thar. He broke 58 boards with his head making another world record Live! The audience cheered him with applauses. He performed many other acts. He amused the audience by bending an iron road with his neck. He also beared the pressure of stones weighing 40kgs on his head, while his team member broke them with a hammer. All the acts by Rashid and team were extraordinary and were viewed with great interest.

The program ended on 'Mufta'- a lucky draw for the audience. People won expensive and exciting prizes just by their goodluck.

A beautiful 'pakistan resolution day cake' was also cut for the auspicious day in the chants of a national song.. The 18th episode of Inaam Ghar proved to be an extremely atingle one.

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