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The Forgotten Heroes of Pakistan Cricket

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Let us switch back to our favorite sport, we all so very much love and adore –yes what else it can be other than cricket! There was once a common trend among teams, that they maintained faith and trust in their retired players on the basis of their significant and voluminous effort for their country, something that is fast dying out. I would not go into further details of discussion all and sundry but our own Pakistan Cricket Team and the PCB’s dependence on foreign coaches.

This, certainly, is not the local and foreign coaches forum and neither am I going to discuss them yet all but sulk to the fact that Pakistan Cricket has, through the years produced some phenomenal cricketing geniuses who have, in their times, master minded some brilliant victories for Pakistan, yet they have been ignored for being allowed to limited or any part in the Pakistan Cricket affairs.

The name that tops this list is, off course, of Imran Khan. Please don’t take me wrong, but I admire Khan sahab’s cricketing skills more. I am a firm believer that had Imran Khan been appointed to the PCB ranks, or even held an honorary post in the PCB, Pakistan Cricket would have been a formidable force. His dashing, fearless and vehement approach to the game could have easily landed him the role of the PCB Chief. Mr.Nawaz Sharif, himself a cricket enthusiast and keen follower of the game, was Prime Minister around the time when Imran retired from the game and had he offered a prestigious post to Imran, could have done a world of good to cricket in Pakistan

Javed Miandad has had a love-hate relation on and off the field with Pakistan Cricket. Regarded as the greatest cricketing brain, not just by Pakistan, but world over, held office of the team’s cricket coach, but fell out with the management on monetary as well as for player power issues. Here again the PCB ironically failed to handle the situation and never tried to create truce between Miandad and the players. Yet another great son of Pakistan wasted.

Wasim Akram, yet another cricketing genius, and quite a controversial figure for his off field ruckus during his cricketing career. Akram can undoubtedly be categorized in the same mould as that of his mentor Imran Khan and Javed Miandad. Akram, as captain of the team, wanted to follow the principals of Imran Khan of total command on the players but alas, the fatherly figure and respect that Imran Khan managed to cut out, was missing in Wasim Akram, which resulted in players revolting against Akram’s behavior. All the same Akram geniuses could have been and still be materialized. But their strange stance on Akram has resulted in Akram, first doing a full time stint as a commentator for ESPN Star Sports and also a bowling coach to Kolkata Knight Riders, in the prestigious Indian Premier League. And who knows someday the Indians might just be tad lucky in signing him up for their national side to use his skills against the very country he has played for

Saqlain Mushtaq, the “doosra” aadmi, as I call him, the inventor of the doosra delivery which is so frequently used in contemporary cricket these days also is another brilliant talent never summoned for national duty by the cricket authorities, he has, however, been used by England county Sussex and even had a brief stint as New Zealand bowling coach during 2009-10 season.

The list in painfully long as sheer talent is wasted without any regard to its worth and cricket freaks can all but fume on the constant ignorance for cricketing geniuses who could have made a difference to the game
There still is time, we need to impose faith in the abilities of these cricketing gurus, and in quick time too, because the national teams loss is another’s gain..

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