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We Love Pak Army

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Senior anchor person Hamid Mir was attacked on saturday evening in Karachi while his car was leaving the airport.He was shot six times and rushed towards the hospital for treatment.He went through a successful operation and doctors are of the view that he will regain consiousness soon and is out of danger.

An attempt over his life was also made previously by planting a bomb in his car.
May he get a speedy recovery !

Within next few minutes of the attack,Amir Mir (Brother of Hamid Mir) said that elements of ISI are involved in this attack which was even more shocking for me.He said that establishment was unhappy with Hamid because of missing's person's issue in Baluchistan,Musharraf's trial and political influence by security establishment.
He furthur added that no terrorists groups knew that he was coming to Karachi from Islamabad.Intelligence people are everywhere.Only they knew the movements.Blaming the main intelligence agency of Pakistan which has also been ranked as world's best intelligence agency is nothing but madness.Damaging the reputation of most prestigious institution by a specific media group was ridiculous.
The most controversial media group of the country tried to mislead the people about the Army by repeating the statement of Amir in which he said that ISI Chief Lt General Zaheer ul Islam and the elements of ISI are involved in this incident.
Even an analyst of jang group demanded the resign from DG ISI. According to ISPR's spokesman Pakistan Army has condemned the incident of firing on senior journailst in Karachi.

He furthur said that to ascertain facts an inquiry must be carried out immediately.The allegations against ISI or head of ISI without any basis is misleading.
Foreign Media especially the Indian Media is highlighting the issue and trying to demoralize the image of Pakistan Army and its institutions.
It is an attempt to defame the most respectable institution by baseless allegation against the ISI Chief.The Army's sacrifices for the Pak Sar Zameen are not forgettable in any case and their love for the country cannot be denied.They stood up with the nation in every need of hour and the country is safe because of their sacrifices.

The person who attacked Mir must be punished by the law and the persons behind the conspracy against ISI must also be unveiled .
Long Live Pakistan Army.

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