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Chief Minister hit the snooze button

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[IMG]file(2)[/IMG]Chief Ministerhit the snooze buttonupfront; certainly his circadian rhythm is thrown off
The developing count ofsupplementary cases in the subsequent time has prompted me to question thispicture.
These are the most recentextensions to the long list of decorous people who have been brutally assaultedby police officers for what has been reported by officers as failure to reactto officers' verbal commands. They figured that PAT members' attempts wereaggressive, and for that offense police inhumanely assailed them, beganbeating, tasering, firing tear gas canisters at them, dislocating theirshoulder and choking them to the point of latency. They progressed further toopen fire with taint rifles and shotguns. However all victims were unarmed. Noweapons were recovered at the scene. Perhaps the bleakest fact of all is thatthe death penalty was appointed not only in an outlandish and biased mode, butalso upon suspects who were actually clean-handed. Police unethical behaviorhas tainted this entire matter from the beginning.
SP Model Town division TariqAziz
(An embarrassment for sure. Yikes!)
Encouraged the officers to "equip phony stories about what haddispatched the shooting" and seed a firearm near the scene.
Oh and one more! How could I have omitted this fellow, anyhow briefly?Gullu Butt:
Let’s meet Gullu Butt who is famouseverywhere now, the man pledged for blowing more than 30 vehicles belonging toinhabitants in the middle of the police’s hysterical attack, was seenshamelessly dancing around and embraced by the SP Model Town for his greatservice.
It demonstrated the world how clumsily this once free Police force has nowfallen under the might yoke and is nothing more than a slave to thesupremacy... Something in their "attic" that if they ever refused toobey their masters would surely wipe out their careers...
Last month, everyone who lives in Pakistan witnessed the appalling and awfulincident of Model Town Lahore.
Before we proceed further, does anyone have any questions?
Let’s wait awhile before we go too far, all that fuss over nothing, wherehad the Chief Minister been? Had he been here, he could have helped us. He hadbeen lost for 10 hours. This length of time is important. If that timewas cut in half, then I suppose the situation could have been different. He wasno longer able to offer even temporary representation to the 14 death falls and more than 85 injured, treated,discharged and went missing.Well, hitting the snooze button is bad forour bodies Mr. CM!
Oh and by the way the call for the hiring of Gullu Butt and Punjab policein the most expensive aspect possible was made by former Law Minister RanaSanaullah - Yes, the Rana Sanaullah that was sleeping with thebabysitter while speaking to the media in Lahore, said that we were going tobeat every breathing flesh for their resistance. Then suddenly when everythingwent out of control he disowned to be taken guilty for the assault that tookplace during the Model Town incident.
“It sure made sense to me at the time, you know, how they interpreted it,but now we know better, so excuuuuse us!”
(You are alreadyexcused, Mr. Sanaullah, We are not going to say a word to you!)
Former Punjab Police additional inspector general (AIG) Mushtaq AhmedSukhara
Who asked to stand unnamed, due to an alarm of getting shot in the headwith a shotgun.
AIG, refused to accept personal responsibility for the Lahore Model TownIncident, but an aide said, “Sukhara has made clear his responsibilityregarding Lahore killings very clear — he had none — now get the hell off hisvermilion.”
Judicial tribunal piercing Model Town incident supervised the jointinvestigation team to submit initial report on July 3.
(Well,this is going to make beingjudicial commission much more time consuming)
Determining Innocence After shooting is inevitable. Whether a killed personwas innocent become a matter of historical research (which is rarelyundertaken) and an emerging accord among the common. This is a much slower andless decisive course than a retrial outcome in an exemption.
Pakistan must look at the time of war in Practical Ways Now Explains PM.
(Yes! Mr.PMfictitious schemes no longer as working as they used to be)
This year when channels like ARY and journalists like Mubashir luqmancriticized control of the media by authority figures, they were driven fromtheir jobs. It's radically unfair to accuse the charge under theinfluence of a person, Chaudhry Rashid Ahmad, who has formally disavowed by thecourt. Nevertheless, reasonably we should be calling the people who dictatePakistani media “PEMRA,” not “PML-N.” PML-N is an acknowledged political party,while PEMRA is a puppet political project. Most of the media-tyrants are notpoliticians. They are, though, devoted to their “political parties” in OccupiedAssembly.
I am not indicating CM Sharif is engaged directly, yet who knows? I amslightly reminding that the reigning party has had some very odd goings on...
If Pakistanis lastly grasp exactly why APC was wanted in the very ground,then maybe we could be established to seek that outrage which has beenlost-in-deal, since we first granted this government to displace this nationfrom the inside-out and anyone that does any research at all cannot miss thereality of that proclamation. Time and distance from the events of June the17th will not make us secure except we pursue its lessons. Pakistan is no longerprotected by Police force. Lesson of the Non-Protecting Police Learned by All.They are finding it more and more challenging to frame a “Title Barricade ofMuffle” around these topics. Supposedly the only people that endure deaf tothis obvious fact are the self-same-ego-serving blockheads that snub to evenperceive that we have evolved into fourth-class nation in a world where we ‘asa nation’ once dwelt!
More to come

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