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An Open Letter To Army Chief

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Honourable COAS,

I hope will find this letter in the best of your health and Iman. I pray for your well-being from the core of my heart. I firstly assure you that my words reflects the voice of downtrodden and suppressed masses of Pakistan whose only vote of confidence lies in favor of Pak army and else they trust in no one.

I am a protester from Inqilab March and left home for more than a month leaving my studies and all other at stake. All these sacrifices of health,wealth, time and education from my part will no go in vain I believe.I dropped from my institute as I am a part of revolution and instead not attending the classes. It would serve as a single match stick that lit the world burning own self. The believe which made me stalwart to the cause of saving Pakistan in only in Allah’s assurity of helping those who renounce an oath to withby stance and stand strong with.It would be litting candle before sun if I mention the crises and urgent need of electoral, structural and sociopolitical reforms before you.

Revolution was in evitable and there is no loophole in believing it. It though have started and would reach grand finale if respected sir! you just look upon the matter with your concerns. Never in the history revolutions have come by mere discussions. The main players of the show I mean Qadri and Khan and did the best they could do and the prolonged sit-ins now must come to a decisive end. It hangs heavy for them to take any further step because it would take armed soldiers face to face with Mustafvi soldiers which by God no one would happily accept. But its a heart rending reality that current political scenario is not much far from this nightmare.

Sir! I am in red zone right in front of the great parliament house were I know i could be shot dead but I damn care as I have burnt the boats and want to sacrifice the only thing I am left with – My Life. The reason I tried to convey my concerns to you is because you are the only institute which know the cost of blood. I cant put aside country wide challenges for which army is called in places of need Either its Zarb-e-Azb or flood disaster. Zarb-e-Azb to eliminate political faces of terrorists is led by Qadri and his people and the final you can decide. Its the last chance of saving the state otherwise even the armed institute will be politically handled (May not this happen) . The only institute without political appointments would loose its integrity and purity and than their would be no one I would look upon for help.

I hope getting away with the challenges you would review your role being silent over current political turmoil.. Believing that you would surely read the piece I will wait for your foot stepping to end up crises and If NOT I would happily give my life for the country I love the most.

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