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The Failed PPP Government & The Jokes of Nawaz Sharif

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On 30th January 2015, 70 plus people lost their lives and more than 90 were injured in a suicide blast in Imam Bargah at Shikarpur. The walls, the surroundings gave a horrific site to the carnage. Another deadly episode happened on a Friday congregation.
After the blast, the injured had to be immediately rushed to hospitals but unfortunately they did not have access to basic healthcare and life-saving facilities in Shikarpur. It was a chaos as they had to be transported to Sukkur, Larkana or Karachi. Shikarpur city did not have ambulances, due to which the injured were carried on donkey carts. The city did not have basic health and medical facilities. Due to which majority of the injured lost their lives, which could have been saved if these facilities were available.

The day this brutal blast took place, Prime Minister of the country Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif was in Karachi to chair a meeting on law and order situation in Sindh. After this sad event instead of condemning the it the Prime Minister of the country was busy complaining about the food that was served to him! It's a sorry tale that the Premier of Pakistan was in Karachi at the time of blast and he did not have time to visit the affected site which was on the distance of just few hours. Such is the apathy demonstrated by the PM for his people! It wasn't just the Prime Minister but the Chief Minister of Sindh and all the Government officials who could not find time to visit the blast site and pay condolences to the bereaved families. At the very same time Prime Minister were applauding CM Sindh of his performance in Sindh. People in Shikarpur were helping themselves on their own.
The Chief Minister of Sindh Mr. Qaim Ali Shah was to visit Shikarpur two days after the blast. The road which he had to take was swept and washed before his arrival at late night. When he reached the site, he distributed cheques among the victims’ families and thought his job has been done.
No action has been taken after it! No justice has been served!
Since the past 10 years what have this so-called democratic PPP government done in Shikarpur?
-Have they been able to maintain law and order situation in the city?
-Have they been able to make the police strong?
-Have they built hospitals in the city?
-Have his government been providing basic health facilities to the city?
-Have they provided any emergency quick response team?
Here is what has happened in the past 10 years in Shikarpur city:
-The law and order situation has gone from bad to worse!
-Instead of making the police independent, the police have been politicized.
-Not a single government hospital has been built in the city.
-No measures have been taken to provide basic health facilities.
-Neither ambulances nor fire brigades are available at quick response.
The only thing that this government has done is that it had looted the people of Sindh by using the name of BHUTTO !!

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  1. johnleon5000's Avatar
    PPP, PML(N), JUIF, ANP etc all are eater having no Mercy for this country.