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Coherence–The need of the hour for ‪#‎Pakistan‬

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What is coherence? The meaning of coherence is the normal, no warring condition of a nation, group of nations, or the world. We all have forgotten the meaning of this word. We are in modern era. The world is a lucrative fast one now, but we are still stuck for our sorting. Pakistan stands for unity, faith and discipline. We all have forgotten these words. We are sleeping as in the past. Who makes us awake? Now who tells us our intention? Our forefathers had given us an emerald peaceful and beautiful country. What should we give to our elders? We really have to think about this.

It’s time to make ourselves determined to make our society, our nation and our country a coherent one because coherence is an alteration of our-lives to those around us and the natural world that tolerates our happiness. We have to be heeded and watched, then we can move accordingly to the condition with that great hope in which we all have a small part. We have to play our role. We can’t blame anyone because if we want to change our world we have to take the first step towards betterment, towards a new sunrise. In a pleasant relationship everyone at times set asides his or her own object to nurture the relationship itself. So be positive, be calm, be responsible and be ready for betterment of our country. It’s our responsibility to make our country beautiful in front of the world.

We have to remember that we all are Pakistanis and we have to work in a combined effort to make this country better in every aspect.We have to destroy the enemy’s harmful action towards damaging the peace of our country.

Pakistan can rise beyond all expectations and still portray an image of itself being a coherent and friendly nation. It is our job and obligation to uplift Pakistan’s image in the world.

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