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Evolution of Pakistani Society and Role of Media (1)

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Evolution of Pakistani Society and Role of Media (1)

There was a time when we enjoyed watching TV while coming back from daily work. But now days this type refreshment is looking hard to enjoy. Iím not talking about only me, Iím talking about the Millions of people living in this country. Here Iím agreeing to Sir Orya Maqbool the TV has become a member of our families. Not only we just need to spend our spare time, but it was the only refreshment for a middle class person (who is in a large number in this country) which was comparatively cheap.

But.. Now when we switch on our TV what we watch? Programs which can cross any limit to increase their rating, talk shows in which so called leaders sit and make each other nude by their statements. I agree not every single talk show or program is crossing our moral limits. But the commercials which we watch in breaks fulfill the deficiencies of these programs. What happened? A TV commercial will be broadcast in a break and destroy all our moral values and cultural limits. I canít understand what kind of message such people want to give to us, our youngsters and the rest of world. For example, a ďDosti NumberĒ a girl and a boy who are quit young and their acts. An ad of ďLassiĒ (which is our traditional drink) appears and we see such performance which we canít even think in our society. Some words ďdefinitely abusedĒ recall in mind for the person who made this commercial and who broadcast it on TV.

Some days ago on a social media website I saw a person who was saying weíll broadcast everything which people like to watch. And we have to increase our rating high because we have to meet our expense. I would like to say that if you are talking youíll broadcast everything which people want to watch then Iíve to say our film industry has been destroyed for the same reason. And if we talk about the rating then I donít think that the vulgarity is only thing which help you out to increase your rating. Before a few years when vulgarity and boldness was not allowed channels always meet their expenses as well.

I wonder about those persons who give statement in favor of such vulgarity and boldness. Remember one thing, we are Muslims and the country in which we are living is called ďIslamic Republic of PakistanĒ. This country was made by the name of Islam and this is the reality which we can never deny. For God sake, just think about the words which were the base of revolution of Pakistan. ďPakistan ka matlab kia, LA ILA HA ILALLAHĒ.

Can anyone ask from the so called leaders of Free Media that can you people cross any limit to increase your rating? Where you people donít even think about the dresses and acts of your representatives. And the point is not only vulgarity and boldness. An accident accurse and news channels broadcast the pieces of dead bodies and the blood without any sensor. And the news caster is saying if is there any child or faint heart watching the TV please donít watch because we didnít had time to sensor the video.

Iíll request the persons, journalists and writer who are still hope for us please write on this issue. For God sake try to do something to save our youngsters. I agree there are lots of issues which are important. But about this issue our young generations are on stake. If you didnít try to do anything then on judgment day Allah will definitely as you that why didnít you even try to do something even you had power.

I know I canít do anything. But I have satisfaction that Iím doing everything which I can do. Iíll request to my friends, the persons who read these lines please stand with me. You have approach to social media. You can raise your voices for this purpose itís our responsibility to do something for our youngsters. Boycott such programs and talk show that are exclude from the circle of moral values. And boycott those products as well which TV commercials are vulgar. And I donít think that I need to define the vulgarity.
Remember me in prayer.

Saim Ali

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  1. mubasshar's Avatar
    Worth to read... very nice article.
  2. saimmian's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mubasshar
    Worth to read... very nice article.
    Thank you Mubasshar. Please help me to spread my voice. And also join my facebook campaign as well.

    and watch my videos regarding this topic.