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The Tigers that Cry Aloud!

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Omair Alavi
The News

They might not be the fiercest of creatures but tigers are the largest species in the cat family. They are muscular, have powerful forequarters, and especially in males, a large head. But it seems that the ones in Bangladesh are a different specie because in order to postpone the tour to Pakistan, they had to move to court instead of resorting to official procedure. They had to cite newspaper blogs in Pakistan to tell their court that the country is unsafe to tour. Dear Bangladeshis, if you have the guts, cite this!I have nothing against Bangladesh, in fact we should envy their rise as a country. From being a wing of Pakistan to an economically stable country where bomb blasts and mobile snatching are rarities, they have come a long way. But I have everything against the Bangladesh Cricket team that is still the minnows of cricket, despite their couple of wins recently in the Asia Cup. They have won just one out of more than 30 matches against Pakistan and even that win took place 13 years ago. They need to play test cricket and test-starved Pakistan can provide them the opportunity by inviting them, yet they agree to Indiaís promise of a series in India, something that hasnít happened so far. I am also not criticizing the Pakistan Cricket Board who, in desperation, called upon the Bangladeshis to tour the country and break the ice for international events. Any other team would have done that, and they were also right in agreeing to a joint-candidate for ICC Presidency as well as allowing cricketers to play in the Bangladesh Premier League. In fact, the team was offered Presidential Level security for a tour that would have lasted less than 72 hours, yet they didnít consider it as a friendly gesture. They reacted as if that was a trap of sorts! The reaction from Bangladesh was anything but cordial. They first blamed Pakistan for using foul methods to win the final of the Asia Cup. They simply forgot the footage in which Mashfare Mortaza deliberately tried to obstruct Shahid Afridi, in the very same match. Then they said that Pakistan won the final due to the presence of (allegedly) pro-Pakistan Khaleda Zia, former Prime Minister of Bangladesh. And when all seemed lost, they cited playersí refusal to tour Pakistan because of security reason. One must not say as such, but even the terrorists in Pakistan know that targeting the Bangladeshis would be a bad move. The team is one of the worst amongst all Test playing nations, yet they act as if they are top on the ICC ranking. No cricketer in their side besides Shakib Al Hasan and Tamim Iqbal is even known in Pakistan because they usually end up on the losing side, and no one likes losers. If they are really the Bengal Tigers, I dare them forfeit the nomination of ICC President which Pakistan graciously gave them in order to make them tour. Since they are not touring, Pakistan should nominate its own President, as per the deal. But then, they havenít done anything that qualifies them as Tigers, so why bother!

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