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Open Letter To The ICC

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Dear Mr. President,

This is to condemn the committee appointed for the selection of players in different categories in the ICC awards for the year 2012. As you are already aware the Pakistan Cricket Board has already approached you regarding the nomination of Saeed Ajmal but only in vain and to no effect as the appeal has been turned down. However, it is my duty as a cricket fanatic and a true patriot concerned with the wellbeing of the game in Pakistan that I take cognizance of the fact that Saeed Ajmal is selected amongst the nominees for the ICC awards.

Mr. President you are already aware of the impressive statistics of Ajmal and I need not lay much emphasis on it but on behalf of the cricket starved nation, starved in terms of no International Cricket being played in Pakistan, that in such circumstances players like Saeed Ajmal be at least awarded duly for their share of commitment, hard work and perseverance away from home. The International cricket community at least ought to appreciate the display of skill by Ajmal being the only spinner in present day cricket who is a thrill to watch given his vast variety of deliveries. It may also be stressed upon that not only has Ajmal been the top spinner in the last year but also has been amongst the top wicket takers amongst top competitors completely foxing batsmen the world over. Such is the hard working nature of the individual that despite of not being selected for the awards he vouches to work harder in order to secure a place in the nominations next year.

A glance at the members of the esteemed committee responsible for the selection of players reeks of bias and favoritism in terms of the players nominated. With utmost respect the members who were stalwarts during their professional days have failed in semblance of fairness and merit by discarding Saeed Ajmal as a top nominee for the award. It comes as a surprise that a nation once revered for its talent and skill around the cricketing world is now ignored in the wake of a terrorist attack for having supported the war on terrorism. The least the nation deserves is a pat on the back for persevering through this onslaught of terrorism which can perhaps be accounted for by appreciating the skill on display by Ajmal. Such is the cavalier nature of the decision of the committee that not only has it failed to take into account the immaculate record of Ajmal as a spinner but also has failed to consider the impact he has had on the younger generation of spinners around the world being a master exponent of the ‘Doosra’ encouraging many to take up this dying art of spin bowling especially after the retirement of the likes of Warne and Muralitharan. As the body for regulating cricket around the world it is the ICC’s duty to encourage and ensure that players who warrant a selection are selected/nominated for awards in accordance with the norms of fairness, equality and natural justice.

It is no hidden fact that the ICC over the years has been dominated by certain members of the council who have time and again tried to dismember Pakistan in spite of the rich raw talent it has displayed internationally. One such example is that of Pakistan being rarely accorded a five match test series or a seven match one day series although on the contrary the team has always been subject to two or three match test series and at max a five match one day series. Whereas in comparison the likes of Australia, India and England are more often than not seen contesting 5 match test series and vice versa. It is high time the ICC took cognizance of this glaring discrimination and accords the same to Pakistan in accordance with the principles of Natural Justice recognized internationally.

Last but not the least Mr. President, on behalf of a fanatic nation this is to request you to ensure that cricket in Pakistan is brought back to commend a nation which has suffered at the wrath of the terrorism for no fault of their part and satisfy the dying hunger of a nation anxious to see their stars perform in their own backyard.

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