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Is Kasab Still Alive?

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[COLOR=#303030 !important]The jail officials hanged him and the medical officers declared him dead but the fact is that Kasaab is not dead. He is alive and with full spirit, he is busy working on his agenda somewhere near us. I am saying this because for me Kasaab is not the name of some Pakistani but it is the mindset which not just exists but spreading fast as well.

As an author put it that we were told by the western media outlets and a number of other people that the bearded lot is the real threat to the mankind and humanity but what we see in Pakistan, it is the social media addict westernised youth which seems to be the real threat. These people, graduated from some of the best universities in Pakistan have made up their mind that if a name of Pakistani comes up in an act of terrorism, it can only be a conspiracy against Pakistan hatched by, as usual, America, Israel or India. Just today after Kasaab was hanged, another educated young guy working in a well known advertisement agency updated his Facebook status in which he ‘declared’ that ‘Kasaab’ was nothing but an Indian drama. I said ‘declared’ because while you have so many evidences that came up supporting the argument that he was a Pakistani, you don’t have a single reason to deny it but still he stood by his opinion just because a certain mindset doesn’t allow a person to admit that his fellow countryman can be involved in an act of cross-border terrorism.

I’ve seen people posting pictures and articles saying that Malala incident was nothing but an excuse for the operation in North Waziristan. Then there were those who keep asking media why it never raised the issue of Dr. Afia Siddiqui with the same spirit. First of all, I fail to understand that even if it was a drama; doesn’t an act of terrorism, for whatsoever the purpose, need to be condemned? Why these people forget that it was the media, which first took up the issue of ‘Pakistani prisoner in Afghanistan’. I still remember the front page of Daily Jang, Karachi that carried this news. But perhaps the ‘Kasaab’ mentality shakes heir beliefsr that not everything in this country is a conspiracy. For me, these posts show only one thing that the supporters of ‘Malala conspiracy theory’ think that Taliban can never go against Pakistan’s interests.

The same old, new crop, during the recent Israeli attack on Gaza, dedicated almost all of their space on Facebook to the innocent Palestinians. There is nothing wrong in showing solidarity with them but then I saw the posts appealing the Government of Pakistan to immediately send its troops and all arms, missiles and whatsoever to help the innocent citizens, obviously by attacking Israelis. Excuse me! who are we to interfere in the matters of two states? If the USA comments on the situation in Balochistan, its an attack on our sovereignty. If India (As believed) is engaged in terrorism in the tribal belt or Balochistan through its consulates in Afghanistan, its cross-border terrorism but if we do so, it is justified. Doesn’t it prove that we, the Pakistanis believe in cross-border terrorism in our interest and that was what Kasaab did in Mumbai.

I was the one to show anger over Indian media projection of Balasaheb thackerey as a heroic personality but then making fun of his religion is something strongly unacceptable for me. But for this young lot, it is ‘cool’ to make fun of other religions and what if a follower of other religion does the same to ours. Obviously they are the first one to call him names and a fatwa for his murder will be issued from ‘Facebook madarassah’ immediately. It’s not just an assumption but a truth and I’ve seen it myself..

I don’t know how the attitude of the generation, raised amid anti-India media and hate based curriculum; can be brought to a neutral level when there is no hope of state giving any attention towards it. These people with the ‘Kasaab’ mindset are the easiest targets of the groups operating almost everywhere in the country who brainwash (if needed) them and send them on the ‘holy cause’ and on their back are the thousands of social media experts ‘Kasaabs’ waiting to save Pakistan from the international conspiracies.

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