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Madiha Rehman

If I Were The President Of Pakistan By Madiha Rehman

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A very common question arising in the minds of Pakistani nation, and I am one of them. I think it is very difficult task to be a president of Pakistan, Pakistan where bundles of problems are waiting for sincere and patriotic person, who can solve all the hectic problem and make our country “The problem free Pakistan” . But unfortunately we did not get such a patriotic and sincere person up till now.
Apart from this discussion I am one of the youth member whom has a wish to be a president of Pakistan and make Pakistan a well develop country. I therefore used to make castle in the air, and think myself as a president of democratic Pakistan. This wish exist in myself almost every second but it become on the extreme level when I saw huge traffic on the road of Karachi, when I saw children to be a worker or beggar at Karimabad in Karachi , when I listen news about violence condition in Karachi , or read news of drone attacks in Waziristan. My mind force me on this jungle system of Pakistan where human being are neither a social animal nor wild animals : “you should be a president of Pakistan” , and I must say if I would be president of Pakistan then everything will be okay in a two week . though it is damn difficult , but not impossible, if the three thing would be right in our homeland then everything will be all right .the three thing or the peak of problems which should be handle firstly and urgently are;

  1. To establish unity among Pakistanis
  2. Direct communication with Pakistani people especially focus on youth
  3. Make Pakistan a Corruption free Pakistan

To create unity in our homeland will be my first priority when I become president of Pakistan. I will announce “a political conference” in which every political party belonging to any group or muslak must participate for the sake of Pakistan. The main purpose of this conference is to make a “rope”, a rope of strength, unity, love, humanity, and patriotism. The rope which lead us towards the way of “Sirat-ul-Mustaqeem”. Lack of unity is the “root of all PROBLEMS” in Pakistan. Every Firqa, muslak, are considered their selves as different nation. Pathan become an enemy of Mahajir , Mahajir become an enemy of Baloch, Baloch raise their voice against Sindhi, and Sindhi protest against Punjabi, where is unity? . On the other side if we remember Pakistan become an independent state on the principle of “Unity, Faith, Discipline” but there is no unity in our country at all, then faith automatically weak and everything in life become unbalance and there is no discipline. I being a president of Pakistan will request the all political parties that “don’t think about your profit and loss, just forget what you are? And only remember who are you? A Muslim…? A person who blindly believes in ALLAH, if yes: then we must only believe him neither on so called different groups in Pakistan nor on violence or target killing. We have to unite ourselves for the sake of Pakistan and we should make Pakistan a real “Islami Jumuria –e- Pakistan”. If Pakistan is going towards God forbid its downfall, it is just because of us. We cannot blame outsider, we cannot raise our finger against India, U.S.A, NATO, and other countries. First of all we have to set our own selves. We therefore should present ourselves in front of world as one human body having all soul of different groups of Pakistan.
I think if this lack of unity will change into unity for Pakistan then everything even the trivial problems of Pakistan will be solve slowly.
After unite every Pakistani into one rope, I will show the world along with super powers of world that we have power to solve all problems. I will show power of Pakistan and explore Pakistan’s strength throughout the world.
Secondly As a ‘Young’ president of Pakistan I will definitely direct communicate with Pakistanis talented youth in order to solve the problems. Well! If you are reading this line that I will communicate with my nation directly, you may laugh or may make fun of my statement and said they are” so called promises that will never fulfill “. But if a person belonging to higher class becomes president, he cannot understand the problems of lower or middle class people. Because he always saw money, and facilities around him so he cannot bring change for middle class in our country. while on the other side I am form middle class family I have high spirit to deal with all the problems of Pakistan because I am also indulge in all sort of problems which Pakistani people are facing right now, and that’s why I will direct communicate with my nation.
The third and last problem which will be my priority will “clean corruption from Pakistan”. I want to make my country corruption free Pakistan. All the corrupt people whether they are belonging to my family or friends circle or belonging to upper class family will face the consequences of their criminal act. They have to face the punishment of their wrong doing.
In short , In my point of view these three things will be solve firstly and urgently then everything will solve automatically because we know:
"Zara num ho to yeh mitti bari zarkhez ha saqi."

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  1. mubasshar's Avatar
    nice article. i think election is the only way to elect sincere people. if we can elect even 40% sincere people in parliament its more than enough to put pakistan on right direction.
  2. AayanKhan's Avatar
    How do you do all that thing? without any support? If other parliamentarians and members of senate not supporting you?