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7 Reasons for Pakistani Women to Vote This Time

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[COLOR=#303030 !important]Elections in Pakistan are due by next month. Although casting of vote is every citizen’s responsibility and there should be no gender discrimination whatsoever in this regard. However following are the eight special reasons for Pakistani women to vote this time:

A Gossiping Opportunity

What more a women can ask for, than to talk endlessly with her gender mates. The Election Day presents a golden opportunity for gossiping and making new friends while waiting for the turn to vote. Thus ladies can freely discuss the problems of children, happenings in popular soaps and T.V serials, new recipes, latest fashion trends, guidelines for keeping a vigilant eye on ‘him’, deteriorating standard of education in schools , commodity price hikes and the all time favorite to crib about in laws. Thus wise ladies will not miss this once in a five-year gossiping opportunity to speak their hearts out and make new friends.

Summer Fashion Fiesta

A good thing about the upcoming elections in Pakistan is that they are being held on the start of summer season. For the fashion savvy ladies this is an excellent chance to try their wardrobe’s latest addition. Few hours spend at polling station would offer a unique opportunity to get a feeling of ongoing fashion trends. This could prove to be a much more enlightening experience than any fashion magazine, T.V show or a marriage ceremony. The Election Day would be an appropriate occasion to make a fashion statement through sunglasses, umbrellas, bags, cell phones and other accessories. Above all this once in a five-year time fashion get-together is free of cost and hence should not be missed at all.

Why to spend a dull holiday at home…

Whether a workingwoman, dedicated house wife or a college / university student, a Pakistani woman is bound to be a busy bee. She is most likely to spend her holiday at home by engaging in routine tasks of housekeeping, cooking, cleaning, watching T.V, visiting friends, neighbors or relatives .Why not to break the dull and boring routine and go out for casting the vote. The routine chores can wait for the next holiday.

Exercising the “Influence” and using the “Women Power”

Women in Pakistan are influential in every role. As loving mothers, dedicated housewives, caring sisters or adoring daughters they are hard to neglect. Election Day gives enough leverage to Pakistani women to exercise their influence on the sluggish gender. Thus women can not only motivate but also insist and “order” the males to escort them to the polling station for casting the vote. The voting day can truly be a “Women’s Day” only if they realize and use their influence.

The Decision Maker’s vote for selecting the Decision Makers….

From managing home economics, to raising the kids and making key family decisions women are normally at the epi center of most important affairs encircling our lives. Being the primary customer (decision maker) for the consumers (members of family) her small and large decisions are vital. Thus as a decision maker in routine life, it is imperative to have her say in selecting the decision makers at a larger level. This factor in a way makes the importance of women vote “more” than men’s vote.

The process of democracy starts with the casting of vote under free and fair elections. Vote casting is done to select capable individuals and the lynch pin of this political process hinges on the “majority” of votes. Pakistani women being 52 % are in majority and thus the burden of casting vote on the Pakistani women, in a responsible manner is more than on men.

Grooming today’s children for future….

It might require a professionally designed research to ascertain how children are influenced, once parents go through a voting process and share the experience with them. Since in most of the cases children are influenced by mothers, so a woman casting her vote is in fact educating her children about the importance of voting. This can be a one way to groom today’s children as responsible citizens of tomorrow

Voting by Women……A liberating Experience…

The voting experience by women provides them an opportunity to become an active stakeholder rather than passive followers. Voting empowers her to liberate and form her own opinion. Once cast her vote she can more confidently comment, criticize and appreciate the performance of the candidates once they resume offices. Thus voting by a woman is a liberating experience.

Keeping in view the past electoral experiences of Pakistan, this time every eligible Pakistani woman should make an endeavor to cast her vote responsibly. May be the majority vote of women could put a country so full of potential; on the right track that which had been ruined over the years mainly by the minority gender!

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