Prime Minister Gilani was magnificently befooled in Mianwali when he visited a medical relief camp, which was amazingly set up moments before his arrival by local administration within premises of a private school, Geo News revealed.

The medical camp had been set up in emergency some minutes before PM arrived on a visit while some persons were also made fabricated patients to appear being treated at relief camp.

Authorities showed blind-to-fact PM Gilani as if the medical camp was functioning for long time in the area. However, no sooner did poor PM Gilani depart than there was no medical relief camp to be found in the area.

After reviewing the damage and displacement wreaked by floods in the area, PM was informed of the medical relief camp established for provision of medical aid for affectees and also he was insisted to visit camp.

On his arrival at camp, PM, the chief of country, was introduced persons lying on the beds being flood efectees, whom innocent PM Gilani not only granted compensation cheques costing Rs.5000 each but also inquired after their wellbeing.

However in reality, there are only an empty school, chairs, desks and school employees now in replacement of medical staff, patients and a medical relief camp.

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