The websites of Jang Group’s popular TV channel Geo News and its English newspaper ‘The News’ on Wednesday survived a serious DDOS attack while efforts are still on to neutralize the threat.

Measures have also been taken to preempt further attacks by pre-screening visitors.

A day earlier, Jang Group’s newspapers “Jang” in Urdu language and “The News” in English lannguage were burnt by PPP activists (Jiyalas) in Karachi and several cities of Sindh province. The recent activism by certain pro-Zardari supporters emerged after PPP leadership was incensed by news coverage of the shoe-hurler in Birmingham, UK.

A PPP supporter threw his shoes in the direction of President Zardari as he addressed the workers at a rally in UK Saturay. The shoes fell short of falling close or hitting the President who was whisked away by security personnel.

Published reports said the dedicated IT team of Jang Group of Companies once again frustrated the saboteurs who tried to slow down websites and by repeatedly sending multiple opening requests using thousands of computers. This attack is called Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDOS).

The websites of Geo and The News also faced similar attack in former president Pervez Musharraf’s regime when he declared emergency in the country and banned Geo News.

People have been turning to the websites of Geo News, The News and Jang for latest updates after the blocking of Geo News transmission on cable across Sindh province including Karachi.