Appearing on CNB Canada, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan highlighted the effects of the devastating flood on the Pakistani nation as a whole and its impact on the country’s economy including war on terror.
Imran Khan told the interviewer that the religious organizations and religious parties have been traditionally in the forefront of all relief measures whenever a calamity hit Pakistan. “So it is not fair to call them extremists who are taking over the flood relief measures.
Talking about Pakistan army and ISI’s role in the war on terror, Khan shot down the perception created by WikiLeaks documents and said,” Why would the Pakistan army and the ISI support those who had killed their own people”, reminding the interviewer that the Pakistan army had lost more soldiers, officers, generals and operatives than the combined losses of the West in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Watch his brief interveiw on CNB Canada:


Imran Khan was on a week long visit to North America. In his visit he addressed Pakistani community in various fund raising events for his party, the flood relief and Shaukat Khanum Hospital and Namal University.
Khan set out his trip from Dallas and ended up in Toronto Canada. He raised funds and did membership drive also for PTI in Dallas, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York and Toronto, says a press release.
In Washington DC he was invited for SKMT fund raising dinner. He also raised funds for flood relief in a live telethon telecast in New York which lasted for 3 hours.
The tour to North America turned out a great success for the membership drive of his party where thousands of potential people joined Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf in different events, said the press release.
Khyber society of North America which is the sole representative of Pakhtoon diaspora in NA has joined PTI in the NEW York event. Imran Khan called it a breaktrough. In Dallas, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York and Toronto a huge number of professionals, doctors, engineers, attorneys and businessmen announced joining Tehreek e Insaf. Chairamn Tehreek e Insaf called it a major symbol of change.
During his trip, Imran criticized the brazen corruption and cartel of sitting government and its allies. He criticized the shady role of opposition leader Nawaz Sharif. He also added that the nexus of government and opposition is taking Pakistan on the brink of devastation.
In his different addresses he reiterated that only free and independent election commission can ensure the transparent electioneering.
A huge wave of change has already begun due to free media and Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf is the vangurad to protect the independence of judiciary and media, he added.
Regarding a sustainable peace in Pakistan and the region he adamantly repeated that without the exclusion of US and NATO troops there is no possibilities of any concrete peace in Pakistan. He also mentioned the statement of Zardari about the dialogue with Taliban, and reiterated that he has been advising since long to both, American and Pakistani leadership that dialogue is the only solution and winning of the hearts and minds is the only panacea for this menace and mess up. He adamantly said that he will change the scenario and style of governance within 90 days after coming into power. Collecting taxes, reforming educational system and reformation in agriculture along with maintaining law and order will be the top priorities of his government and this will be done on war footings.
Chairman PTI called his trip a very successful tour for achieving its objectives.
The General Secretary of PTI Dr Arif Alvi conducted number of organizational meetings in order to chalk out different strategies to make PTI North America more active,tangible and a productively viable platform. He advised Mr Sheikh Elahi, the membership coordinator of North America to put an impetus in the efforts to enhance the membership in North America that election process could be held as soon as possible in NA. Dr Arif Alvi also addressed the members of the financial arm of PTI USA LLC about its functioning and operations.