Former Prime Minister Mir Zafar Ullah Khan Jamali said that ministers broke the flood safety walls in order to save their agricultural lands from floods. He said that everyone is worried about safeguarding the US airbase in Jaccobabad but nobody is concerned about the citizens of Pakistan. Talking to Dunya News, former Prime Minister said that flood water is only 3 to 4 miles from his area and there is no hope of any kind of help else Allah almighty. He told that he also contacted the civil administration but even after 3 to 4 days passed, no response came from them. Jamali said that Federal Minister Ejaz Jakhrani, DPO and DCO Jaccobabad deliberately diverted the course of water towards our side. If the airbase is so important, then what priority is given to the citizens and there is only one major road that links Sindh with Baluchistan and all people are after it but have no concern, he added. When Jamali went to the flood affected area today, he saw many people along with eight to ten cars who were persistent in saying that this bypass must be demolished in any case.

Yesterday Federal Minister for sports Ejaz Jakhrani tried to demolish a portion of Jamail Bypass in order to save his agricultural lands from the flood water of River Indus; however the local administration managed to stop this activity. When contacted, Ejaz Jakhrani simply denied giving his view point upon this issue. Ejaz Jakhrani reached at the Jamali bypass along with his hundreds of companions and heavy machinery in order to demolish a portion of the bypass but the administration and tribals of Jaffarabad reached the site and managed to halt this activity. There was a danger that villages of Dera Allahyar might have also drowned if this demolishing act was not stopped. According to DPO Jaffarabad Javed Gharsheen, Sindh police and Ejaz Jakhrani managed to demolish the bypass from 4 different areas last evening due to which eight villages were flooded. Later in the night, Sindh police again tried to demolish the bypass connecting Sindh with Baluchistan but this effort was not made successful. Deputy Commissioner Jaffarabad Saeed Jamali said that DCO and DPO Jaccobabad tried to demolish the National Highway illegally due to which the villages of Dera Allahyar would have been destroyed.