Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari, who was away from his country when it was hit by the worst floods in 80 years, has topped a unique list of influential people who were conspicuously absent when they were needed the most.
Releasing the list of five such people, the prestigious 'Foreign Policy' magazine said Zardari was travelling in Europe when millions of people had been affected by the devastating floods and hundreds others hit by political violence in his country.
"For a world leader, being seen directing relief efforts (or at least showing sympathy for the victims) is usually a good idea when a natural disaster strikes.
"But for Pakistan's Zardari, forging ahead with a tour of Europe seemed more important -even after US officials privately urged him to discontinue the lavish trip, which allegedly included hotel stays that cost more than USD 11,000 a night," the Foreign Policy magazine said.
Zardari's officials fired back, saying the President chose the "cheapest five-star hotel" in London -- the Churchill Hyatt Regency -- and even chose not to sleep in the royal suite, the magazine wrote.
"The President's trip wasn't all fun and games, though -- at a public speech during one of Zardari's final stops in Britain, a 60-year-old British-Pakistani protester hurled his shoes at the President in light of his decision not to return home.

Source: Nation