The Lahore High Court on Monday granted bail to Sialkot DPO (district police officer) Waqar Ali Chauhan who is accused of having done nothing to stop the lynching of two teenage brothers Hafiz Mueez Butt and Muneeb Butt by a mob.

Chohan was said to have been present at the scene on Sunday August 15 where Butt brothers were beaten to death and then their bodies hanged upside down in front of 1122 rescue office.

Interestingly, for some unknown reasons, Chohan’s name has not been mentioned in the FIR lodged against all those involved in the lynching incident.

Chohan has denied he was present at the time the two brothers were lynching and alleged that the video footage of the incident was fabricated. He was talking to Dawn outside the courtroom.

When he reached the place, he said, the two bodies were hanging and he dissuaded the mob from setting them on fire.

Chohan said he had been pictured while dissuading the mob from burning the bodies and the portion had been inserted into the video at a point where the boys were being thrashed.

When asked why did the local station house officer (SHO) Rana Ilyas who was present there not try to save the brothers, Mr Chohan said it was a fault on his part, but apparently he was overtaken by the frenzy of the mob.

The SHO escaped from protective custody the same day he was detained after the gory incident details hit the headlines. Sialkot SHO was present during the public lynching of two brothers. He was allowed to escape and is currently at large, published reports said.

Ilyas, who fled from the office of the DSP Sialkot, was brought to the office so that he could be produced before a court for a judicial remand. That never happened!

The District Coordination Officer (DCO) Sialkot, Mujahid Sher Dil, according to reports, has confirmed that the lynched brothers had no criminal record.

It has also emerged that the family of the lynched victims recognized their bodies at around 3 pm in the afternoon while the incident occurred in the morning because the faces were mutilated beyond recognition by the mob. The father of the victims came to know his sons were dead around 5PM – just before Iftar.

One of the major eyewitnesses belonging to the government has surfaced saying that the two young boys were innocent.

Muhammad Shaukat, In-charge Rescue 1122 station where this gruesome incident happened and who watched the whole incident, says that the two boys were innocent and it seems that the opponents, who later transformed into a crazy mob, had some old score to settle and were waiting for a long time to teach them a lesson.