Happenings of #InaamGhar Ep#12, 1st March 2014, Saturday
Grand Family Show by @AamirLiaqut only on #Geo

Sherry began the 12th episode of Inaam Ghar with the beautiful Kalaam 'Tu hee mera Maula'. No doubt sherry knows how to sing vocals harmoniously. After Dr Aamir Liaquat Husain's beauteous piece of thought, the programme proceeded to its first segment 'Jhat Sawal Patt Jawab'. Tongue twister was the life of this segment. The responsive gags from the audience in the segment were outclass. A man sang a song for his wife to please her as was upset from him. Inaam Ghar focuses greatly on bringing loved ones together and anyone who promotes love is very much welcome to the show. Bikes and other valuable goods were given to the audience.

The host announced a good news regarding Rashid and his team, the man who made a record of breaking 84 coconuts in Inaam Ghar- he had accomplished his task of having his name registered in Guiness World Record, priding his country infront of the world. The audience cheered with joy on hearing the news.

'Chat Pat Chata Chat Safa Chat Fatafat' had thr set of Inaam Ghar in the aroma of organo as the two teams were asked to cook Pasta. Meanwhile, two other teams had to put threads in as many needles as possible in a minute. The women team won the game victoriously! But that didn't bring an end to the activity. The men team was asked to put threads through atleast 5 needles by the end of the show to win a bike! Without wasting a minute, the team got to work enthusiastically. Who wouldn't want to grab a deal so easy to win a bike? Fortunately, both man did the task; one was given a ticket to Umrah, while the other won a bike. Pasta was cooked perfect. The funny part was when the host teasingly enjoyed eating it infront of everyone!

Dr Aamir Liaquat in the kids segment 'Chulbulley' sang a national song lyrically for Dearest Pakistan. The kids gleamed as they shared little bits of talks with everyone. They also recited Naats. They were appreicated by the audience through appluases.

The honorable trophy of 'Pakistan Ideal' was given to Moiz Ullah, a youngster who took the name of Pakistan to zenith by winning 'world youth scrabble championship'. With gratifying appluases, the audience cheered this episode's Pakistan Idea



en wearing the whitest clothes were called on stage. By the hoots of the audience a fair judgement was made and the man with the brightest clothes won a washing machine.

A midget couple also came to lighten up the programme. The man with his beautiful wife streched smiles across the faces of everyone they got married in Feburary 2014. The host engaging the couple asked them funny questions. The dwarf man also danced cutely for his wife.

The audience proved how intelligent they were in the segment 'Lagao Tukka'. The audience heartrendingly enjoyed the segment and answered questions wisely! Worthy gifts like bikes, washing machines, phones and etc were distributed to winners.

Next came the segment 'Khel kar jeeto'. Viewers watched interestingly as the 'Golden Girls' (the catchy name of women participants given by the host) played musical chair. The traditional games revived memories of the people watching as musical chair is one of the games that has been played by everyone. The blindfolding game was also thorougly enjoyed by everyone. The funniest game of this segment was the 'makeover'. Two couple teams were called on stage. Husbands had to apply makeup on the face of their wife in two minutes. The whole act was worth the watch. The audience was under exhilaration watching as the husbands applied makeup awfully yet jocundly. Then came the sweet revenge time! Wife's had to give their husbands a makeover by tying their tie and styling their hair like Dr Aamir Liaquat. The wife's were sweet enough to style their husbands nicely. Overall, the activity brought laughs and enjoyment to the programme.

Segment 'Car War leja Mere Yar' brought an air of anxiousness in the audience. The three teams played well for the car. Keeping the humorous spirit alive, the host joked on various parts of the segment. Sadly, no team was able to win a car but they weren't sent home empty handed. All participants won mobile phones for trying!

Next came the segment 'Zor laga ke Bhaiyya' that looked for unfit indiviuals on the set of Inaam Ghar. Once they were gathered, the fitness instructor asked the participants to atomic pushups. The pushups consisted of balancing legs on a big ball while doing pushups! The act was extremely laughable. Dr Aamir Liaquat alsp engaged in the activity. Watching the host participate in these activities is always interestingly funny.

Inaam Ghar ended on 'Mufta'- gifts for everyone. The audience was showered with valuable gifts through lucky draw. Appliances, attires, shoes, gift vouchers, return ticket to Bangkok and Dubai, jewelry and much more was generously given.

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