She said “What we have in Pakistan is only a franchise of Lays, its a western company. They hired him when the campaign against Lays was in full swing. He is widely accepted and respected in the society so audience was easily convinced”.

I thought she was right because even we were doubtful about eating lays until Junaid Jamshed appeared with a yellow lays in his hand!
I belong to a generation who grew up along with Junaid Jamshed. I still remember all his songs by heart though I have not heard them for past 10 years now! I lost my interest in songs at almost the same time when he converted to a more practising muslim (If I am using the right word to describe the change in him).
I am not the sort of person who doubt or question others intentions. His naats and his speeches reflected truth to me. But when I read the text below about him… I am no longer sure…
Urdu daily “Ummat” of 29 June 2009, leading scholars have criticized Junaid Jamshed for declaring Lays chips as “halal”.
Mufti Naeem of Jamaa-e-Binnoria (SITE, Karachi), Mufti Muneebur Rahman (Chairman, Ruet-Hilal Committee), Mufti Abu Bakr (Jaamia Clifton, Karachi) and Mufti Abdul Momin Bangash have declared that having a beard does not make a man an Islamic scholar and Junaid Jamshed (who has not been trained in a madressah) has no knowledge of Islamic jurisprudence.
An interesting explanation I found which I would like to share with you:
“In a clever move to dispel recent rumors of pig fat being used as one of the ingredients in Lays Chips (in Pakistan), the recent Lays TV commercial shows Junaid Jamshed, a role model for many, testifying to the ‘Kosher’ nature of these popular chips. According to Lays, the chips are in fact ‘Halal’ qualified from Saudi Arabia. The skeptics are still warning people in various blogs but the fact of the matter is that Lays’ claim is totally believable. A recent article in Time Magazine talks about how the Halal Food Industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry and is growing rapidly with most large international food companies branching into products that cater to this huge consumer segment. And it’s hard to believe that anyone but a suicidal madman would introduce pig fat coated chips in our schools, colleges and shops. How long do you think he’d last?