The United States embassy in Pakistan strongly condemned
the attacks on a religious procession in Quetta and on an Ahmedi place
of worship in Mardan, Peshawar, today.

At least 56 people lost their lives, while over 200 others were
injured on Friday after a suicide bomber blew himself up amidst
participants of a Shia rally held to mark the Al-Quds Day in Quetta.

Also today, a suicide bomber attacked a place of worship for the
Ahmedis in Mardan, killing one person, and injuring four others. The
bomber was trying to enter the worship place in Muslimabad area of
Mardan when the security guards opened fire on him. As result of the
blast, one person standing nearby was killed and four others sustained

A statement issued by the U.S. embassy on Friday said “our thoughts
and deep sympathies are with the families affected by these horrible

The statement said the attacks were particularly vicious since they
had deliberately targeted innocent people and worshipers during the
holy month of Ramazan and while the country was recovering from the
terrible monsoon flooding.

It further said that attacks on minorities were attacks on the
foundation of democracy itself.

The embassy expressed the resolve that the United States would
continue to support the people of Pakistan as they rebuild and strive
to secure a future of peace and opportunity that is free from fear,
violence, and intimidation.