ICC’s Indian Chief Mr. Sharad Pawar has said that he has no links with Indian Intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and has denied the report of The Daily Mail. Perhaps Mr. Pawar has forgotten his days as a politician in India when he was have a great liaison with RAW and in fact it was RAW that created his political party Nationalist Congress Party in 1999, separating him from Congress when RAW was tasked to dent Congress party by the then BJP government. Pawar also remained India’s Defence Minister and Chief Minister of Maharashtra state and yet he says he never has any links with RAW. Mr. Pawar has also said that he never was a part of any conspiracy against Pakistani team. On the other side Pawar’s Party spokesman Mr. Prakash Binsale has also questioned the credibility of the journalists of The Daily Mail who prepared that comprehensive investigative report. Perhaps Mr. Binsale also forget the level of the credibility of the journalists of British tabloid News of The World. Well to remind him, The Daily Mail would like to narrate here that the journalists of the News of The World have an history of getting involved into illegal and fraudulent activities, crossing the prescribed limits, to generate sensation and mint money. To quote a few incidents in this regard, this newspaper Royal Editor Clive Goodman was jailed in 2007 for hatching a conspiracy to access messages while Labour Party’s Senior member Lord Prescott is moving court against the paper for tapping of his phone by the newspaper’s reporter on the directives of the current editor of the paper Mr. Andy Coulson. The Daily Mail questions that are these journalists credible or the journalists like Christina Palmer, Cherry Ferguson and Ambreen Nadeem are more credible, having a number of credible, authenticated and award winning investigative reports to their credits? Mr. Binsale should make a review of the history of the journalists of The News of The World and the reporters of The Daily Mail before barking on the wrong tree.

Coming back to Mr. Pawar’s role in the whole episode, Pakistan’s High Commissioner to England Mr. Wajid Shamsul Hassan also agrees with The Daily Mail’s investigations as he says that the ICC’s action against Pakistan players amidst the live police inquiry was something shocking and unbelievable. He says that taking any action against the suspected players before the outcomes of the ongoing probe by Police and ICC’s own anti-corruption unity was clearly and immature and apparently biased.

The Daily Mail’s investigations had also revealed that the RAW plan was basically aimed at jeopardizing the careers of Pakistan’s pace sensation Muhammad Aamir and Muhammad Asif life youngsters but later the plan was expanded to get the whole team banned and the illogical decision of ICC that it took on Thursday proves that one part of the RAW plan has been executed successfully for which RAW had full blessings of ICC Chief.

The Daily Mail argues that if the whole episode is based on truth and facts, why was ICC’s anti-corruption unit sleeping and woke up only after a tabloid published a rather dramatized report. Where were ICC’s anti-corruption unit’s detectives when all the deals were going on smoothly and even the money had been transferred to the engaged parties? We believe it is a million dollar question and no one from the ICC would be able to answer it.

Source: Daily Mail